Coaching the Unconscious Mind

We human beings are marvelous creatures, wonderfully and fearfully made, exquisite and complex. We are more then our skin and bones and intellect, we are a field of memories, dreams, emotions, thoughts, habits, subconscious patterns, and learned responses. There is so much going on behind the surface, so many processes that don’t need our conscious awareness, like the processes of keeping our hearts beating, our lungs breathing, and our food digesting.

These and many other processes are run unconsciously, and among them we can included the unconscious processes of the brain and mind, to which belong our thoughts, ideas, beliefs, emotional responses, habits, and phobias, just to name a few. These are all learned responses to, and from, the world around us, we may have picked them up in childhood, or at varying points along our human journey. And though most of these processes are perfectly healthy and serve our earthly experience, some of them come between us and our potential of living a full, and free, and inspired life.

For example, we may have been told in our early life that we are not enough, this could have happened directly, subtly, or through omission of emotional support, attention and affection from our caretakers. When starting school we were exposed to new people, new ideas, new thought patterns, problems, challenges, and beliefs. Through the challenge of adapting to this new environment we may have developed anxiety, fear of crowds or public speaking, stage fright, and emotional and mental blocks. Our schooling, family life, and culture may have taught us negative self beliefs, or created an unhealthy self image or self esteem. We may have picked up habits like unhealthy eating or smoking in adolescence and not been able to kick them going into adulthood.

We all have multiple internal dialogues that run constantly, whether we are conscious of it or not. These dialogues are based on a culmination of our experiences, positive and negative, and they guide or decisions, whether we are aware of it or not. Realizing the power of the mind is important in our self healing process, because, for example, though we may have just walked out of a wonderful yoga session that smoothed out all the kinks and knots, relaxed our body and transported us to a state of bliss, we may then walk straight into a situation or encounter on our home which induces an emotional response (or trigger), followed by a string of thoughts, that quickly brings us back into that state of stress and tension that we just spent a yoga session working hard to relieve, and it all happens as quick as a slippery slope, literally before we know it we are back at the bottom.

This is the unconscious mind at work, and it’s not good or bad, it’s just reacting in a learned response. There are some wonderful techniques and skills we can learn that interrupt old patterns and create new ways of being in old situations. Through coaching and self training we can empower ourselves to react in new and positive ways to events that once caused distress, anxiety, or negativity. In a Coaching the Unconscious Mind session we can learn these techniques as well as other empowering skills self hypnosis, and EFT to quickly create new patterns and responses to life events, which through repetition quickly replace those old unhealthy beliefs and patterns buried in our unconscious.

The mind, conscious and unconscious, is where spirit meets science, it’s a wonderful playground of ancient wisdom and modern research. There have been a multitude of studies in psychology, biology, and neuro plasticity that are aligning with spiritual truths like ‘we are what we think’, ‘we create what we believe’, ‘we are the architects of our destiny’. When we learn to align our conscious and unconscious beliefs, attitudes, ideas, and philosophies, we create an inner and outer harmony. This synthesis of the inner and outer make for a happier, healthier, empowered human being.

For a private Coaching the Unconscious Mind session please send an email below with the title in the subject line. Coaching can be done in person or remotely, and can vary in duration. Taking face to face appointments for NYC at the moment.


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