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New York Open Center


(22 East 30th St, New York, NY 10016)

The New York Open Center was established in 1984 by a group of individuals intent on creating a space in which the growing spiritual community of New York could come together to learn, practice, teach and inspire on a variety of topics such as holistic health, spiritual growth, psychology and development, bodywork, movement, yoga, and areas where the the arts and creativity meet healing.

The Open Center has a Bookstore and Cafe that stocks a great selection of yummy teas, and some light vegetarian, vegan and raw snacks. The books range in topics from Eastern and Western philosophy, self help, nutrition, a range of healing arts, and many more new age and esoteric topics of interest. It also stocks a selection of crystals, candles, incense, instruments, spiritual tools from various traditions, statues and other ornaments.  The center houses an art gallery and space for concerts, performance, and special events for guest speakers and lectures.

The programs offered focus on holistic learning, personal growth, professional advancement and enrichment. Apart from classes, workshops, and certified training’s the center also offers one on one consultations and therapies as part of their wellness program, these include acupressure, acupuncture, reflexology, Reiki, various types of massage, Ayurvedic consultations, sound healing, polarity therapy, cranial balancing, shiatsu and more.

They have a vast and ever changing calendar of events with reasonably priced classes ranging from a single evening, full day, whole weekend, and long term weekly seminars and certified courses. There is truly something for everyone interested in personal growth, self discovery, alternative healing, meditation, therapies, nutrition, health, and expansion of spiritual and other practices.

On the calendar you can find full moon circles, shamanic breath work classes, Sufi meditation, Reiki healing circles, Chakra healing, sound healing, dance classes, doodle to de-stress, healing through mandalas, awakening your voice, creative writing classes and the list goes on.

They offer a plethora of health, nutrition and alternative medicine courses such as Ayurvedic cooking, 4 month training in Herbalism, herbal medicine making, Qigong and Reiki training and occasional yoga and psychological certifications.

Its a magical place to learn and explore new and different ways of being, lifestyles and spiritual practices, many of which may be outside our Western education, training and knowledge.

It’s well worth checking out the monthly calendar and seeing if anything wets your appetite. If your looking for a new community this may well be an opening to new avenues, support systems and an ever enriched and fulfilled life.


Open Center Calendar of Events




(Images from opencenter.org website)




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