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Stick, Stone & Bone

(113 Christopher St, New York, NY 10014)

Stick Stone & Bone is a quaint little store in the West Village established in 1990 by two women with a mutual interest in crystals.

Their intention was to serve their community by sharing the gifts of nature, spirit and the ancient wisdom passed down to them through their ancestors. They also wanted to be able to offer these gifts to city dwellers at reasonable prices.

And of course, where there’s a will there’s a way, so they opened a beautiful little shop, with a rustic vibe and great energy.

There are crystals for days to choose from, and it feels so good to be around them! The staff are friendly and well versed on the products they offer; you can name an ailment and they’ll name a stone.

You’ll always come away from this little gem of a place feeling better then when you came.

Yolanda Miller, one of the founders has Cherokee and Aztec lineage, you will notice this influence in the Native American products they stock, i.e: shamanistic ritual tools, medicine bags, musical instruments, feathers, smudge sticks, totems and dream catchers.

Her business partner Linda Curtis holds a masters in psychology from Columbia, she saw the benefits of merging her knowledge of the human mind with her knowledge of metaphysics as far back as 26 years ago.

Both women took the leap of faith and decided to open up shop on historic Christopher Street. A risky venture for it’s time as the New Age Movement was just surfacing and not many folk in the mainstream had yet caught on to the knowledge we now have about the therapeutic powers of crystals.

Apart from crystals, gems and Native American artifacts you can also find candles, incense, salt lamps, chimes, hand crafted jewelry, and a range of books on crystals and esoteric topics here.

We love a good neighborhood spot and we love to support our local businesses. Stick, Stone & Bone is definitely all of the above and worth a stop on your shopping adventures, even if its just to browse and zen out on the crystals’ energies and good vibes. But better to come away with a gift for yourself or a loved one, this will go along way in keeping our local businesses thriving and well.




(images taken from the Stick, Stone & Bone website)







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