You are the Knowledge You seek

Drawing by Daniel Martin Diaz


Dear Human,

Do you know who you are? Let me remind you. You are made of the mind of God, you are Spirit having a human experience. There is nothing about you that is not sacred because the particles that make up the universe make up your very existence. In other words, within your physical body exist the bits and bobs that make up all of creation (hydrogen, carbon, oxygen, nitrogen), the same stuff that makes the stars and planets.

Does that create a larger then life perspective? Good, this perspective should serve as a constant reminder that life is huge, and interconnected, and that we are all powerful co-creators. This is something we often forget, and it’s because we live in the physical, restricted by matter, time, and space, that we loose sight of our essence. It’s easy to get lost in the every day, tied to the mundane, because this is our immediate experience.

But when we come to the realization that our mind is is not restricted the way our body is, that it can soar across time and continents, across concepts and planes of existence, then we can start to know and understand part of what makes our magic. Our imagination is only limited by what we think it can do, by how we use it. The beauty of waking up to who we are and what we’re made of is that we begin to awaken our power, and in the words of Michele Foucault and other genius minds of our time, “knowledge is power”. So seek it, us it, surround yourself with it, memorize it and hold it dear so it is no longer forgotten.



How do we go about finding this knowledge? Well, Rumi the mystic and Christ the messiah both answered this question with the same sentiment, “Seek and you shall find”, said Christ, “What you seek is seeking you”, said Rumi. Implying that with an open and earnest heart, and with a thirst for truth, the answers will come to us. This is the same sentiment shared by law of attraction gurus who teach that by way of vibrations we attract the things with which we vibe. So when we set out on our search for truth and knowledge, we must trust that the things we need to know will present themselves to us as we continue on our journey along this path; where attention goes energy flows, so we must stay tuned in and open. Our efforts will be rewarded.

To the modern human, the main modes of learning and acquiring knowledge is through language and observation. This makes the acts of speaking, listening, reading, and watching extremely powerful tools; they are the food that sustains our mind. Knowledge supports our growth and development, but, if we do not use discernment, it can also cause stagnation or bring on our downfall. The power of words must not be underestimated. We must recognize and respect their magic; their ability to influence and shape decisions, behavior, culture, and even consciousness. We must understand that when we look at art, literature, films, or when we are watching or reading political commentary, we are engaging in another’s magic. We are opening ourselves to the influence of  their view and understanding of the world, their mental process.

We are what we seek. If we look at ourselves honestly we can see that we already are the product of what we know, of the knowledge we have already acquired. Where we have put our attention in the past, has created the person we are now, and has laid a foundation for our future developement.

If we begin to observe our daily interactions with the world we will come to realize that we constantly accept another’s truth; more often then not we do so subconsciously, their truth then shapes and influences us. Therefore we have to develop self awareness and learn to critically discern between what we accept and don’t accept into our reality, actively choosing to align with the sentiments that work with our truth. Always choosing to hear, see, and give attention to the sentiments that nourish and empower us as we expand our world.

In embarking on a quest for truth and arming ourselves with the knowledge that empowers us, we accept self responsibility and ownership of our experience as humans. Doing so makes us the architects of our own destiny, it broadens our horizons, and and gives us the perspective we need to further empower ourselves. As we become more aware of our selves and our environment we reach this point were we can consciously leave what does not work behind. When we become discerning about the messages we receive we become masters of our existance. We are then ourselves performing our own kind of magic, a kind of magic that we can shape and mold.

Realizing that we are made of the mind of god, that we are Spirit in a body having a human experience opens up our mind to endless possibility. When we acknowledge our own inheritance and embrace the power of words, knowledge, and observation we embrace our potential. What we allow into our consciousness and what we align with shapes who we are. What we think, feel, believe, and do is based on what we learn. Lets always arm ourselves with that which empowers us, with that which gives us hope, freedom, and the opportunity to create ourselves and our reality in a way that aligns with our ideal.

Words are our weapons, language is our power. We are what we know, we are the knowledge we seek.

Lets nourish ourselves and each other with that which enlightens, encourages, inspires and creates the life of our dreams.


With Love & Light,

-A Sensationalist


* * *

Below is a quote by Alan Moore, the English graphic novelist said to be the most important British writer of the last fifty years, he is referring to the practice of magic, but makes a broad statement on the influence and power of words and symbols.

“The very language of magic seems to be talking as much about writing or art as it is about supernatural events. A Grimoire, for example, a book of spells, is simply a fancy way of saying ‘grammar’ indeed to cast a spell, is simply to spell, to manipulate words, to change peoples consciousness. And I believe that this is why an artist or writer is the closest thing in the contemporary world that you are likely to see to a shaman.”

The Mindscape of Alan Morre (Shadowsnake Films)














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