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Flower Power Inc.


406 East 9th St, New York, NY 10009



This quaint little store in the East Village stocks a very comprehensive range of herbs, roots, flowers, leaves and seeds. Everything is organic and of the highest quality. Loose and bulk herbs and flowers are purchased from American organic farms, and I dare say packaged with love.

Apart from dried herbs and flowers the store also carries a range of tinctures (some of which are made at the store), essential oils, elixirs, perfumes, flower essences, ointment, salves, herbal extracts, incense and bath and body products. They have a small but insightful selection of herbal books, ranging from practical knowledge, to growing, application, and divination.

Flower Power was founded in 1993 by Lata Chettri-Kennedy, an ordained green witch. In her youth she apprenticed with grandmothers and yogis. When she immigrated to the US she started experimenting with American herbs and worked with Wise Women Herbalists, a group of alternative healers, because she found the patriarchal structure of mainstream avenues of education too limiting.

Lata also works with various schools and community groups, sharing her knowledge and spreading awareness of the shortcomings of modern pharmaceuticals and what your really ingesting, she supports herbal relief work and volunteered with street medics at Occupy.

The staff at Flower Power are pretty much all green witches, practicing herbalists, and magic healers. They are full of knowledge and ready to share it with anyone who walks in. You can wonder over to the counter and describe your ailments or dis – ease and leave with the perfect blend of herbs, tinctures, oils, and advice for your healing needs.

Flower Power also offer evening workshops on a range of topics such as candle making, magic spells, chakra clearing with herbs and crystals,  rituals for healing and attraction, and herbal and other remedies for a range of stressers.

Just walk into this magical little place and ask them what is on the calendar, or sign up to their emails.

So, if your looking for the highest quality, organic, and locally grown herbs, teas, infusions, decoctions, aromatherapy, bath and body care, and you want to support your local community, then give Flower Power a go, it is a great little place to shop.



(Images from flowerpower.net website)






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