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Namaste Book Shop

2 West 14th St, New York, NY 10011

(212) 645 0141


Namaste Bookshop is a well stocked go to place for your metaphysical reading delight. They have a comprehensive and inspiring range of books on Eastern and Western philosophy, religion, Wicca, divination, occult, meditation, and alternative health and healing. You can also find rare esoteric texts, obscure books on ancient energy systems, and ample reading material on astrology, tantra, bodywork, and all things new age (to name a few).

Beyond books it is well stocked with incense, chimes, Tibetan singing bowls, and other shamanic instruments. They have an extensive range of Tarot and angel decks, jewelry, pendulums, statues, apothecary, and an array of healing tools. All this goodness adorn their selves and cabinets, spilling onto the floors in abundance.

And of course, last but not least, there is a delightful portion of the store dedicated to to the wonderful crystal and stone family, a joy for crystal enthusiasts like us Sensationalists to rummage through and find our energetic match.

Namaste Readers (psychics / astrologers / tarot and the like) are generally available in store by appointment and occasional walk in. Readings range from predictive astrology to natal charts reading, tarot to angel card readings, psychics, mediums, past life regression, palm readings, crystal and aura readings, and so on. The readers have a profile and short description on the Namaste website and there is an online calendar available with the schedule of your favorites laid out month to month.

Namaste Healing Center is upstairs from the bookshop, it hosts the resident readers and practitioners, as well as workshops and classes on Reiki, healing, meditation, and other new age, alternative, and spiritual disciplines. Sessions at the healing center are generally by appointment, inquire at the store  before committing to the journey.

Enjoy your stay.


(Images from NamasteBookShop.com website)





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