Candle Color Meanings

Using candles in prayer, meditation, and divination is an age old practice, we find evidence of it in Catholic and Orthodox churches, in Buddhist and Hindu temples, in Synagogues, in Pagan gatherings and in countless other sacred places. Lighting a candle can change the mood and ambiance of a room instantly, the ritual itself is, for many people, an act of self care; a symbolic representation of coming into a state of quiet and relaxation.

The symbolic act of lighting a candle extends itself to the magic ritual. Not only does it help concentrate and focus attention on the desire you wish to manifest, but it also solidifies your intention to self, and to the spirit world. Using colored candles can help further define your intention as each color holds a different vibration, so using a color that harnesses the same value and energy as your intention alerts your subconscious, and the universe, of what it is you are intending to calling in or release.

Over the ages colors have been associated with different philosophies and cultural beliefs, superstitions and the like, i.e. green with calling in money, purple with royalty, and red with passion and love. In your search for knowledge, and as you come across more information along your path, you will find that color meanings may vary slightly from discipline to discipline, for example, colors associated with the chakras may vary in their suggested meaning to colors associated with the planets. It is ultimately up to you to decide which candle color and meaning resonates with your intention, this will be based on your personal experience with, and education on the color. Follow your intuition.

Below we have compiled a list of traditional color meanings from across disciplines to get you on your way.


Candle Color Meanings:

White Candle

White contains all color, from here all color emanates. It represents new beginnings,, purity, and spiritual growth. Lighting a white candle helps you stay open to the vibrations and messages of the universe. White is the color of the highest consciousness, representing harmony, unity, truth, clarity, and wholeness. In yogic, kabbalah, and several other magical meditation practices one is taught to visualize a circle of white light around them for protection – because white is the light of the divine energy. Since white is associated with spirituality, lighting a white candle also symbolizes the cleansing and purification of spiritual energy. It helps with clearing of the mind, our physical space, and clearing of specific situations. White candles also represent Lunar energy, you can light a white candle to call upon the moon for planetary magic, or if you are feeling swept away by your emotions.

In healing work, white candles are lit for matters of a spiritual nature, ancestral work, blessing, uncrossing, and banishing rituals. If you do not have the color candle you need at hand for your ceremony, white will work as a substitute.

Red Candle

Red is the color of passion, lust, attraction, drive and motivation. Red is also the color of the root chakra, which is the densest of all vibrations, the root chakra connects us to the needs of the physical world, ie safety, security, vitality, fertility, material needs, and personal power. Red is a fiery color, like mars energy it is used in times of stagnation, to move energy, and to infuse speed and drive into a situation. Lighting a red candle can also help you connect to your purpose and passion.

In healing work, do not use red for fever or rash as fire intensifies heat, use it to burn up viruses,  germs, or when you have a chill. It is perfect for whenever you need heat in a situation. Red candles can also be used to recharge or push relationships forward, or for attracting lovers of a sexual and passionate nature (not necessarily long term). Red can also support you if you need courage, are faced with a confrontation, or need to drive through obstacles.

Pink Candle

Pink is the color of universal love, soulmates, partnerships, devotion, and all matters of the heart. It is a softer love then red, representing romantic love and relationship. Light a pink candle to attract attention, friendship, or partnerships. Pink is also the color of emotional well being and self love, light a pink candle for beauty spells, for improving self esteem, and for general compassion.

In healing work, use pink to reverse bad luck in romance, for Karmic healing (especially of an emotional or heart centered nature), to attract kindness and forgiveness, and to connect hearts ( in any kind of relationship). Pink represents unconditional and enduring love, so it is also a good color candle to burn if you are looking to reconcile.

Green Candle

Green symbolizes the earth, abundance, money and the higher heart chakra which is concerned with divine, spiritual, and universal love. Green represents all kinds of growth and celebration. It is the color of nature, which continuously grows and evolves. So, use a green candle if you need growth in any area of your life. Green candles can also be used when you have material needs, and tangible needs of possessions, security, safety, work, promotion, or when you’re waiting for news. Burn a green for creating more flow (in cash or energy, which creates abundance), and for success in matters of business.

For healing work, use green to connect to nature and the natural spirit realm, for bringing in luck or breaking bad luck. Also use green candles for healing any financial issues.

Orange candle

Orange is the color of speed, joy, sudden change, creativity, ambition, and communication. Light an orange candle to create a good time at a party or a good mood in your environment, to access joy and happiness, and to open doorways to opportunity. It is said that to burn an orange candle is a bold move, you must be ready for sudden change as it’s energy is fast moving and aggressive, so if you want to effect instant and profound change, orange is the color for you. If you light a green candle at the same time as orange it brings fast luck. Also use an orange candle on the eve of an important meeting or event that you foresee as potentially being life changing. Since orange represents creativity, light an orange candle for flashes of inspiration or when working on a creative project.

For healing work light an orange candle to break out of depression or sadness, to heal any communication riffs or misunderstandings, and to smooth out legal issues related to communication that you wish to go your way. Use an orange candle if you’d like to work on finding your voice, or feel it is blocked. It’s also said that orange is good for career workings, and if you need to assert your strength or individuality.

Blue Candle

Blue is the color of justice, peace and healing. It is a calming color, like tranquil waters it soothes relationships, emotions, and heated situation. Blue is the primary spiritual color associated with the heavens, angel communication, dream work and creativity. Light a blue candle if you are seeking truth, wisdom, divine healing, guidance, inspiration, and whilst working on creative projects. Blue candles also help relieve angry energy and create a relaxed environment. It supports concentration so use while studying.

For healing work use blue candles to calm a fever , to calm lungs from congestion, to release anxiety, panic, worry, and to balance the nervous system. If you need healing or resolution in a legal matter, desire a fair and peaceful outcome, or need protection, light a blue candle. If you want to infuse yourself or a situation with patience blue is the way to go, it can also help to awaken and heal the psychic mind, and supports guardian angel work.

Purple Candle

Purple is the color associated with the third eye, and therefore with psychic powers, intuition, and other worldly vision. It is the color of magic used for divination, astral travel, connecting to other realms, meditating, and for accessing hidden knowledge. So it is a staple for students of the esoteric and occult persuasion. If you are working on spiritual development or wanting to find your purpose, burn a purple candle. Traditionally purple is the color of royalty and majesty, so use purple to connect to your personal power, to gain control over a situation, or to gain the upper hand.  If you are looking to enhance creativity or inspiration, purple represents both qualities.

For healing work burn a purple candle for creative blocks, if your experiencing creative stagnation or uncertainty, or if you need to master control over the fears or doubts that restrict the flow of creative energy. Also burn a purple candle if you need to overcome personal barriers and power over manipulation, if you are seeking truth from illusions, or if you wish to enhance your communication with difficult people or other worldly realms.

Yellow Candle

Yellow represents the sun energy and the solar plexus, it brings joy, inspiration to believe, bursts of happiness, and likeability. The sun energy draws people, so lighting a yellow candle will bring  you popularity and increase your likeability. Use a yellow candle before a job interview, or if you need to draw attention to your work. Yellow is the color of success, a specific and goal orientated success,, so light a yellow candle for deadlines. If you are interested in dating, use a yellow candle to attract options and lots of dating experiences. Yellow also represents intelligence and powers of the mind so if you’d like to access wisdom or improve your mental powers light a yellow candle. The sun energy is stable, enduring and directional, if you feel you are lacking these qualities in your life or would like to enhance them, go with yellow.

For healing work use yellow to brighten up a situation, or if you need to lighten up and not take life so seriously. It is great for fresh ideas and inspiration, and if you are having trouble concentrating, or are in a period of learning, at school or working in the arts. Yellow is great to burn if you need if you need endurance, or are craving stability and security, the sun energy will give you resilience. It is also great for business spells.

Brown Candle

Brown represents the earth and soil, it is a homely, cozy, and warm energy. It creates balance and connection to the earth and all it’s living creatures, if you’d like to send a message to the universe of your love and respect for this earth home, or give gratitude to mother earth, connect with a brown candle. Burning a brown candle in your home or work space sucks out the negative energies that build up during the day. If looking for an new home or if  you wish to make your home feel cozy  and warm burn a brown candle.

For healing work use brown candles to regain balance, a feeling of belonging, for creating meaningful relationships, to remove chaos from your environment, to heal your home environment, and if you need support overcoming indecision.

Grey Candle

Grey is the color of neutrality and balance, it has the power of clearing negativity away. Grey is also great for protection, contemplation, reflection and if you wish to gain wisdom.

For healing work use grey candles for protective magic or if you are feeling weighed down by negative energy. Also use grey to overcome loneliness.

Black Candle

Black absorbs excess energy, so if you’d like to bring a situation back to the zero point burn a black candle. Black is a color that is used to sink into the other realm, or to transcend into the inner self or outer cosmos. It is used in divination, black magic, and as a focus point on the void, and expansion. Black candles are also used for grounding and protection., shadow, and subconscious work.

For healing work us a black candle to cleanse your environment, if your home is feeling chaotic it will cleanse the energy. If you are in a room with people that are sucking your energy you can light a black candle to protect you against their energy or intention. Black calls in the healing energy of the universe, you can burn black candles to protect you from outside forces such as negative energy, illness, and evil.

Gold Candles

Gold represents riches and success, use gold candles when making a wish or offering, to gain personal power or success, or if you are looking to achieve enlightenment. Gold candles are said to be highly spiritual, attracting positive cosmic influences. It is said that burning a gold candle makes the path of your prayers go directly to the divine. Gold is also the symbol of good fortune, like yellow it corresponds with sun energy and is great to  burn when in need of an extra boost to your will power, optimism, confidence, and wealth.

For healing work use a gold candle to heal financial situations, or if you are feeling like you have had a run of bad luck. If you want to bring a light-hearted and positive attitude to a situation, and if you are feeling disconnected from divine energy.


With Love & Light,

-A Sensationalist


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