The Power of Words


We are the sum of what we know, what we choose to read, watch, observe, and listen to. This knowledge in itself is power. We have the power to shape our consciousness by how we choose to nourish it: what we feed our minds creates our reality.

We exist in the age of information, this is a profound blessing. But, everything has a shadow in our dichotomous world. Unlike previous generations, knowledge is at our fingertips – all kinds of knowledge. From your everyday ‘how to’s’, to your dry data and statistics, to your entertainment, occult, conspiracy, and metaphysics, all of it available at the touch of a button. Not only do we have access to established ideas, history, academic theories, and mainstream wisdom but also to their alternative counterparts. The world wide web is overflowing with information, facts and opinions; with opinions disguised as facts, misinformation, and falsehoods.

Exercising wisdom in our approach to informing ourselves will go a long way in the constant strive to be, and become our ideal selves. When forming our point of view on any given topic we should seek out all perspectives, stories, rationales, and reasoning. We should seek out the motivation and intention of the source of the knowledge; the person, group or company delivering the information. From there we can make an informed and empowered choice based on a well rounded argument and a holistic approach to understanding. By empowering ourselves this way and consciously aligning with the perspective that best represents the inner truth we wish to embrace, we create a culture of awareness, tolerance, critical thinking, and discernment.

Taking things at face value does not serve in this day and age, a day and age in which the light of awareness is shining a torch on the things lurking in the shadows. Delusions, denial, betrayal, manipulation, corruption, intolerance… they are all coming to the surface, they are all being exposed because in the light we can solve problems. In saying that, there is a distinction between being discerning and scrupulous with the information we ingest, and being biased, closed minded and ignorant. We must walk the fine line of truth and follow the path of enlightenment, objectivity, and tolerance, even if it is unpopular.

If we choose instead to go with the flow, letting the currents of popular opinion direct us, we deny ourselves the opportunity to seek and understand ideas from different perspectives, inadvertently rejecting new ways of seeing, and being in the world. By shutting down our minds to alternative ideas, beliefs, and wisdom, and by dismissing the ways of groups, individuals, and cultures different to ours, we are choosing not to evolve, expand, or exercise an open minded. We remain in the cycles we know, even if those cycle do not serve us we find ourselves clinging to our old paradigms because they are familiar. By doing this we let them dictate our reality, and keep us in a stagnant state.

Because we are the sum of what we know we must open up to endless potentials and possibilities. If we don’t allow ourselves new knowledge and experiences, we are dramatically limiting our human potential for greatness and growth. We are dis-empowering ourselves and starving our consciousness of opportunities to evolve.

One of the many blessings that comes with living in the Information Age, and in an age of awakening is that we have the opportunity to consciously decide to empower ourselves by informing ourselves with a diverse wealth of knowledge. From this vantage point we can be objective in choosing our path in life. Our horizons will open up as we make deliberate choices about what we absorb, what we chose to know, and what we decide to believe.

Allowing ourselves the opportunity to experience what it is to create our personal reality, allows us to create a life that we want rather then one that feels out of our control. This realization brings us to the threshold of a new understanding, we come to know that we are the architects of our destiny, that we do have control of our lives. Choosing what to believe is us consciously shaping our reality, it is us exercising power over our self-hood – aware, open, and informed.

Lets not fear that which we do not understand, rather lets embrace it. Come to the alter of knowledge with a curious mind, allowing it to roam and explore new territories. Who knows what growth, flash of inspiration, or ‘aha’ moments may occur if we give ourselves the freedom to think outside our norms and our self imposed limits.


With Love & Light,

-A Sensationalist





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