Sometimes the mundane of everyday gets in the way of our higher vision. In this material life we are constantly weighed down by the material needs of the body; compromises are made, dreams are neglected, and our true passions go undiscovered. Our spirit selves lay dormant in wait for our ego selves to take the action needed to live out our highest calling. Often this vision goes unnoticed, many of us don’t even hear it’s call, we are so focused on the day to day, busily cycling through our stories, that we neglect our inner voice. Sadly, spirit can remain dormant an entire lifetime.

Sometimes we need a gentle reminder of how amazing we really are, a reminder that we are bigger then the here and now, that actually, we are as big as the universe itself. Remember, when we leave this life and the material plane we merge with the All; spirit and soul live on. The universe is so vast and wondrous, yet our spirit selves have seen and been it all, that’s who we really are.

Our origin is from somewhere beyond this physical world, we’ve bounced from one life to another, from one galaxy to the next, we’ve cycled through many existences to get to this one experience. In remembering the truth of this we can begin to expand our vision of ourselves, and for ourselves, in this lifetime.

When we come to know and understand that all that is out there is also within us; because we’ve come from it all, and therefore have experienced it all, and will eventually go back to it all, then we can change the way we think about the now.

You see, the sun rising is a miracle, you waking up every morning is a miracle, breathing, eating, thinking, feeling are all miracles too. The things of the every day can only happen because something bigger then we understand guides us. Some people call this the unconscious mind, some call it Great Spirit, some call it God. How ever you connect to source, or understand it, you must know that something bigger then you has graced you with life.

So then, in saying all that, it’s up to us to empower ourselves with the knowledge that this divine being is a co-creator, and is having an experience with us, through us, because of us. This very Earth was built for us, so source can experience itself through the eyes of humanity.

Always remember you are divine, just let your imagination guide you to that place of knowing, of being one with the All. The human mind and it’s imagination has no limits, except the ones we impose on it. So for a few brief moments today, let yourself imagine your origin, the grand and marvelous existence that is you. It feel so good remembering.

May we wake to the memory of who we are every day.

Beyond the physical body, beyond time and matter we are essentially a soul on a journey, experiencing the material world through a physical body. This life is but a moment in the vastness of forever. Within us there is a divine potential, because we in fact are divine. Think big in this lifetime, because you are the universe inside you.

Do you know who you are? “Let me remind you of the magic that’s inside you, this magic makes just one you.”

You are one with all of creation, the stars, the Earth, the planets, your neighbor, the rocks, and all the Earthly and heavenly kingdoms. Within you lives the essence of the creator, and you have been given the gift of creating. You are so powerful. Always remember.


With Love & Light,

-A Sensationalist








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