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    Several months ago I started feeling the call to work with my heart center. I was called to work on opening it up to receive more of what the heart wants and needs: love, connection, relationship, compassion, generosity, trust, joy, and fun. In my search for a remedy I traveled high and low, searched within and looked without. One of the many epiphanies I had on this journey was that my heart center often closed itself off – out of instinct, necessity, and self protection.

    Living in a busy city like New York, I realized that I often unconsciously close down my energy centers in an effort to manage the constant interaction I have with people. Walking down a busy street, taking the subway, going out for meetings or lunch all require a big emotional and energetic exchange with passers by.

    When we think of ourselves as more than just a physical body, and more like a total being with an energy field of its own (some call this an aura or biofield that extends six feet outside the physical body), then we start to see interaction in a different way. We start to understand that every person we walk by is a person we are interacting with, having some form of energetic exchange, whether we are aware of it or not. Our aura, or biofield, can be likened to our unconscious mind, the place where we store our memories, beliefs, values, and all kinds of other information like traumas, stress, anxiety and other emotional experiences.

    This little epiphany that we are all sharing our energy unconsciously put things into a different dimension of understanding life and the experience of it for me. It shed a new light on one of the staple teachings of many spiritual communities; “when you do the work of healing yourself, you’re healing others too”. When walking down the street or sitting down for a coffee with a friend, sharing a cubicle with a colleague, or going to the movies and sharing space with strangers, we are sharing energy. Since by proximity we are exchanging energy, it became very clear to me why my heart space, and other energetic centers in my body, often shut down and closed off.

    Self preservation is important, as is healing for all. If my field is clean, then I am not polluting another’s with my stress, beliefs, anxieties, traumas and visa versa. This makes me feel good about all of the personal work I’m doing. However, not everyone we interact with is doing the work, or desires to be energetically clean and clear. So how do we manage our own evolution and existence in a healthy way?

    Back to the heart center…

    It all made perfect sense that my heart felt closed – it was my body and field’s natural response of protecting itself. This brought me to ask many questions: “How do I open my heart center when I’m in my sanctuary? When I’m in safe and sacred space? When I want to feel some of the heart feels like love, compassion, joy and connection? How do I strengthen my heart center so that it can interact with other peoples energy and not be so deeply affected, or so thrown off?


    Knowing how much I exchange energetically with other people on a daily basis, by default of living in a highly populated city, finding self care and self love remedies like cacao was a godsend.

    Apart from doing the work of clearing my energetic field with sage and intention, I now like to start my day with a cup of cacao. This way I am able to start my day with an open heart, to allow myself to open to love and all the good feels of the heart center.

    Cacao has become part of my daily ritual and is a beautiful way to equip me to manage the added stress of other people’s energies running through my field. When I’m purging and purifying the energies that are my own, doing it with an open and loving heart helps me be more gentle, forgiving and accepting of myself.

    Give it a try!

    My cacao recipe:

    Pure organic cacao in blocks

    Rose Tea (for love and the heart space)

    Mugwort (for clarity and chakra cleansing)

    Cocoa Milk (unsweetened)

    Cayenne pepper (to open the blood vessels to receive the cacao better)

    Cinnamon (great health benefits for the skin and heart)

    Agave (sweetener)



    Boil a pot of water with the mugwort and rose inside, steep for a few minutes. Chop up 2-4 teaspoons of cacao (depending on your tolerance). Add the cacao, steeped tea, two table spoons of coconut milk, pinch of cayenne, pinch of cinnamon, and agave (sweeten to taste) into a blender, and voila!

    Drink in a quiet place where you can sit, take in a few breaths, get into a meditative space, and enjoy resonating with the blend of this sacred medicine.



    With Love & Light,

    ~A Sensationalist~





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