• The Future Of Conscious Fashion

    Image from Solange / @saintrecords featuring AWAVEAWAKE in Birthday Squad Style


    Since ancient times jewelry with precious and semi precious stones has been worn for healing purposes. In more recent times the healing properties of crystals have been rediscovered, making their use widely popular again. This is indeed a reflection of the growing understanding that everything is energy and that our subtle energy fields, as well as our physical body, react to the energies around us. This is especially so in regard to the things we wear and adorn our bodies with: clothing and jewelry. The colors and the vibrations of the garments we wear also influence our well being.


    Conscious fashion and its different levels of meaning

    At a practical level, conscious fashion is about reducing our carbon footprint and using our economic power to strengthen eco-friendly fashion. Sustainably sourced fabrics not only lessen our environmental impact, but they also have a nicer energetic signature than clothing that has been mass produced in factories overseas; production all too often made at the expense of other peoples blood, sweat and tears.

    The moral issues concerning mass production have been filtering into the mainstream over the past 10 years. Raising the public’s awareness about the unethical practices and conditions of these factories has begun to change the way we approach fashion. The public’s outrage about poor working conditions has lead to industry adopting a triple bottom line business model and has contributed to the growing number of ethical and conscious fashion businesses. Because of this growing awareness, sustainable brands are booming.


    Energy and Intention

    If we take the idea of conscious fashion a little bit further we come to understand that there are colors (read subconsciously as frequencies) and energetic processes that can enhance a garment, and thus the overall well being of the wearer. Haute couture is an example of energetically enhanced clothing; luxury clothing in general has a different vibe than mass produced cheap labels.

    Many high end fashion designers take a much more artistic approach to fashion. An intentional concept or inspiration is brought to life through the creation of the garments, therefore, the intentions the garments are created with are still present in the end product. If a coat is designed with protection and empowerment in mind, then this intention is still present when the product is purchased. This can translate to the wearer actually feeling empowered. Sometimes it’s the designer’s label, the logo, or even the idea behind the brand that creates a certain status and aura around it.

    Having worked in fashion PR with many successful designers for over 20 years, I know how important it is to create an image around the persona of the designer. In turn, this image influences and attracts the consumer. This is what I call a psychological approach to fashion and design. This approach is often enhanced through the designer’s knowledge of esoteric symbolism and the intricate details that go into logo creation. The designer creates a whole universe around the product, breathes life into it, and creates a unique vibration.

    If we were to shed light on this process and reveal that symbols and intent are thoughtfully chosen by many designers and fashion houses to create a certain feeling in the consumer, enticing him or her to buy a product, this realization could lead us to questions of, “How do we use this process for good? How do we use color, intent, and energy to enhance another persons well being?”


    Self Empowerment and Sacredness

    An example of this can be found in the ancient carpet weaving techniques of the Middle East, which are still alive to this day. The process of weaving is a sacred one in which the young girls weaving the carpets thoughtfully put all of their hopes and dreams into their art. They weave their desires for a beautiful home, future husband and whatever else they wish into the energetic signature of the yarn. If one is attuned to energy, this beautiful, heart-centered expression can actually be felt emanating from these rugs.


    Who is creating sacred fashion?

    One forward thinking designer, Adam Jones, once a knitwear designer at Marni and Dior, created Yarnlight Collective, a knitwear line that embodies the concept of energetically enhanced yarn. The knitwear is made from a specifically engineered yarn that is made of a cashmere and bamboo blend. This yarn has been energetically imprinted with extremely potent energies, channeled by a collective of shamanic healers. Upon touching the beautiful knit sweaters and scarves one can feel the intense energy radiating from them.

    With strong energies put into the process of their production, these garments become imbued with healing properties, such as protection against harmful EMF’s (electro-magnetic frequencies). This is an important development in that more scientific studies on the dangers of exposure to EMF’s have recently been found. This may not be a health hazard many of us can easily feel the effects of in our daily lives, but sensitive types may be able to feel EMF’s emanating from our devices -and it doesn’t feel good! Check out the research here

    Another designer, Mikaela Bradbury of arjuna.ag, who works along the same lines of protective wear, is using silver fabric to help the wearer create personal space. Launched in 2014, arjuna.ag’s silver garments and accessories act as shields against electromagnetic radiation, have properties that enhance blood circulation, and are also anti-bacterial. Bradbury is a philanthropist who is currently enrolled at Harvard studying ecology. For info on how silver protects against harmful EMF’s read here

    Yet another example of a conscious fashion brand is AWAVEAWAKE.  Designer Jaclyn Hodes, a former stylist and Kundalini yogini has created a cult following among her female artist friends by dressing them in her gorgeous vegetable dyed signature silk dresses. Solange is a huge fan, and dressed all of her dancers in the brand for her music video for Birthday Squad Style.


    My thoughts

    This expose was created with the desire to display that there is a growing body of creatives who work with the concept of enhancing well being through energy, intent, and sustainability. As we become more conscious about ourselves, our interconnectedness with humanity, and the workings of our planet, we begin to transpose and apply this understanding onto our creation processes. In turn, we create more balance and beauty in sustainable, non-harming ways.

    This is the way of the future of fashion and design. We are just witnessing the beginnings of this movement.


    All the best,

    Corinna Springer


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