• Full Moon In Pisces, August 26th. Perfecting Your Masterpiece

    Image by Anton Novoselov on Flickr

    Image by Anton Novoselov on Flickr.com

    After an epic eclipse season of excavation, restructuring, and shedding of old way of being, seeing, and doing life, it is now time to get clear on the pieces of us that have remained, the parts we have dearly held on to, and the dreams we still wish to create.

    What desires, what lifestyle, what ambitions do we want to nurture and grow now that the dust has settled and we feel re-birthed?

    This summer the cosmic energies encouraged us to strip old systems, relationships, and beliefs from our being so that we can refine our purpose and direction, so that we can re-discover the desires of our heart and find healthy and empowering way to express and manifest them. And now, this Full Moon in Pisces is calling us to dream our dreams again, but from a new light, from this new perspective that we have gained by going through the process of refining and looking back from the other side. This process may have made some of us realize that some of the visions we had for our future no longer resonate with who we are, and that’s totally ok, its ok to change, always.

    Most importantly, this Full Moon in Pisces is asking us to identifying the dreams we are still dreaming, or the new ones that have been born as we have grown.

    Now that you’ve gained this new clarity, and refined your direction, what doors have you opened? Is the dream different now? Have you allowed yourself to see it as part of a bigger picture, with more potential?

    Pisces is the sign of dreams, fantasies, illusion, love and service. Our ancient mystics, sages and religions have called this Earth plain the land of ‘maya’, which translates to illusion. This Moon is asking us to create our perfect life by first dreaming it, and then taking the inspired steps to create it. It’s all a matter of believing, and allowing our selves to have it, from the inside out.

    There is a beautiful Kite created in the heavens during this Full Moon, with the Moon sextiling Uranus and Saturn in the earth signs of Taurus and Capricorn, who are both trining the Sun in the earthy sign of Virgo. All systems are go here on the Earth plain, the planets, our guides, are telling us we have their full support to turn our Piscean Full Moon dreams into reality. This earthy support will inspire us manifest dreams in practical ways, to perfect our masterpiece, ourselves, our life with this new found clarity.

    This masterpiece I speak of is us, living the life that we envision for ourselves. These earthy signs will help us analyze, dissect, schedule, produce, set goals, and create with ease and clarity that which we desire.

    This beautiful feminine energy of water and earth can also show us how to receive, be receptive, attract and collaborate with the right communities to create the desires of our hearts.

    So, set those intentions!

    And allow that mystical Piscean dreaminess to work in collaboration with that earthy energy of practical implementation.

    What do you want, really, now that you have transformed into this new phase of yourself? Dream it, and harness that earthy energy as guidance on the earth plane. The sun will be in Virgo for the entire month, so we are in perfect sync, and in divine timing create.



    With Love & Light,

    Dorothea Lucaci


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