• New Moon Solar Eclipse in Leo, How To Set Powerful Intentions

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    Here we are at the final eclipse of the season, the culmination of the a family of eclipses on the Aquarius / Leo axis that’s coming to an end with a New Moon Solar Eclipse in Leo August 11th. What does this mean, what have the lessons been for each of us over this summer? Each of the recent eclipses has shaken up an area of our lives that needed change to make room for new ways of being in, and seeing the world.

    This shake up has been taking place specifically in relation to the themes of how we express our creative energy and balance our inner desires with the desires of the collective, how we use our minds to communicate creativity, who we are online and how we have been using technology: in support of our path or as a way of escape? How we express our inner joy and childlike nature while being in service to the greater community?

    This Leo Eclipse is all about the heart song, the soul dance, sharing the things we want to express with the world, awakening our inner child and its desires, allowing it to be heard, acknowledged and honored. In Leo we mirror out into the world our hero’s journey. What has been your hero’s journey since the partial eclipse in early July? What shifts have you made, what breakthroughs have you had?

    The trials, limiting patterns and challenges that have come up during this time have come up for us to find resolutions, to release what no longer serves, and to become masters of our destiny. It has forced us to focus on changes we have wanted to make but haven’t had the courage, and some of us have had to make some serious changes as result of these planetary energies.

    These have been necessary changes that perhaps we were postponing out of fear. Follow the theme of releasing, and push through to the other side. As we move forward with creating the desire of our heart we bridge over the unknown and overcome our challenges. What we find on the other side of moving forward with manifesting our desires, is self satisfaction.

    At this New Moon its time to plant the seeds that have been ruminating this summer. Time to set those intentions, time to take action, water or dreams and watch them grow. By doing all this soul excavation and clearing out in the lead up to this final eclipse, we have made room for the courage of that inner Lion Heart to set its desires free, letting go of fears and surrender to the process of co-creating the life we wish to live, with the universe.

    Don’t be afraid, follow your heart, there can be potential for tremendous healing during this time by connecting to the heart, finding self love, joy, compassion, and appreciation for our own unique hero’s journey.  This new moon is really a time to celebrate ourselves and embrace the lessons and breakthroughs we have had, honoring our individual evolution, and acknowledging our inner strength and resilience. Our souls want to grow, and at this specific point in time the collective soul wants to grow in the direction of living from our hearts, sharing our joy, love, and passions with the world.

    How to set powerful intentions:

    1. Sit down with yourself and a journal in a quiet place
    2. Write down your first intention, or desire, one thing you want to create
    3. Listen to any negative thoughts that come up to tell you why you cant achieve this one desire
    4. Write every one of these negative thoughts down in a stream of consciousness, don’t think, write.
    5. Once you’ve written down every limiting belief about why you can’t or shouldn’t have this one thing, go back to the top.
    6. Start with the first negative thought and ask yourself, ‘Is this is ultimately true?’ Ask god, creator, angels, guides, or whom ever you connect to to show you if this thought is ultimately true or if you can change the story, or see it in a positive light?
    7. Go to the next limiting belief and repeat the process above.
    8. Once you’ve gone through every limiting belief or negative thought and changed it to a positive, get yourself into the feeling state of what it would feel like to have this intention be real in your life, visualize you living that intention, and then create a mantra for this intention. Ie: I deserve to have (insert thing that you want).
    9. Write out your next intention and repeat the process. 

    This is a very powerful way to purge old stories that stand in the way of manifesting our intentions. It’s important to clear the space around our intentions of limiting beliefs and negative thought patterns. It also charges the intention with positive thoughts and feelings and infuses the mantra with that universal force that is the driving force behind visualizing feeling, and thinking our intentions into existence. The key is to hold positive emotions around our intentions. (I leant this process from my money mentor Amanda Francis and it really does work!)

    Things to be mindful of:

    —> there are 7 retrograde planets (including Chiron) at this time. It’s time of introspection and experimentation in the way we do our lives, be flexible and open to change. We can use this time to liberate ourselves from the patterns that have held us back from creating an abundant, heart centered life

    —> feeling overwhelmed and over extended. Moon square Jupiter at the moment can inspire us to be a little over ambitious, take a breath, and take your time. 

    —> fears and concerns about how we are going to come up with the money to create our hearts desires. Venus square Saturn can bring up doubts about whats realistic, but can also get us thinking up the most practical ways to make dreams turn to reality.

    —> Venus square Saturn can also bring up relationship dynamics, by focusing on balance and honoring each others needs we can heal relationship challenges, we are each a reflection of each other.

    —> urge to rebel against and make a break from our daily lives, Uranus retrograde in Taurus can have us wanting to rebel agains institutions, banks, and other social establishments that don’t work in our interest. Focus instead on the food you eat, and the way you nurture your body, and choose healthy, sustainable and conscientious alternatives.

    —> feelings of powerlessness and helplessness as we move into new ways of being. Don’t be discouraged, its our natural tendency to fear the unknown, find courage in your heart and surrender to the truth of your own power.


    With Love & Light,

    ~A Sensationalist~


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