• Aries Full Moon, Emanating The Inner Spark, September 24th

    Image by Artist Unknown, found on Yandex.com (Lavender Fields)

    Aries represents our inner glow, it is the fire of life that emanates from the center of our being into the world. Aries is the fist sign of the zodiac and represents the spring, in the northern hemisphere, and that deep desire in all of us to be in the world, to emerge from the earth and experience life to its fullest, in human form. It is the fire that drives us to pioneer through life, to continue moving forward with courage and passion, and to discover and understand ourselves through experience.

    The growth point for Aries lies in its polarity, Libra, which represent the other and who we are in relationship to others. It represents how we discover ourselves, our limits, and our boundaries through relationships. Fire creates light and warmth but it can also burn out of control and consume itself and everything in it’s path, quickly, which is why we need to keep constant vigil of our inner light, stoke it’s flame but also contain it’s insatiable passion so that we maintain balance within ourselves, and in relation to others and our environment.

    This full moon is asking us to look, ‘How we can be our vibrant selves without taking away from others or our own experience?’ How can we live our truth, in integrity, without expecting others to abide by our ideals, and how we can create boundaries and expect the same autonomy in return? Can we share a world, a life, with the whole human family, respectfully allowing ourselves and each other to have our own experiences and make our own rules to govern ourselves? Can we learn true compromise, balance and acceptance of each others unique paths in life, while living together in harmony?

    Chiron, the wounded healer is conjunct the full moon, opposed the sun, this aspect is illuminating the healing we need to do around our personal autonomy, or inner masculine, our sexuality, and our individual self expression. It’s reminding us to continue the diligent work of healing the masculine within us so that we can fully embrace our creative purpose. This isn’t an overnight fix, its a journey of discovery, trial and error, and expansion. Mercury is conjunct the sun at the full moon, so there is an element here of communicating our needs, or desires, what feels good, what feels right, or what hurts, so that we can create an open channel of support, trust, balance and harmony in our relationships.

    Mars in Aquarius is also playing an important role at this full moon by trining the sun, encouraging us to share with, discover, and find balance in community. Drawing support from groups and the greater collective, and together generating and enforcing new moral codes of how we share this planet and this human experience in a way that honors each of our unique experiences, and creates balance and harmony with those around us, and with the environment.

    Saturn is squaring both sun and Chiron, bringing up feelings of insecurity or inadequacy that were lurking beneath the surface, always, again, for the purpose of releasing and letting go. This square can teach us how to balance and manage our obligations, duties and expectations from others to self, and from self to others. And if we go beyond the surface of the fears and doubts that trigger us, if we learn to surrender control of the outcome and trust that we are the ones at the helm, that we are constantly spiritually guided along the right path, then we can come into perfect sync and alignment with our soul purpose and feel the flow of being one with spirit on our journey

    Finally, it’s the harvest moon and a time to celebrate the rewards of our hard labour, it’s been summer of retrogrades, eclipses and uncomfortable transformations and now it’s finally time to pick out the good crops of the season. What we release at this full moon is the weeds and crops that didn’t grow, and celebrate the bounty that will provide support and nourishment over the next season. And honor that spark of light within us that constantly propels us forward to grow, expand, and explore new realms of our inner landscape.


    With Love & Light,

    ~A Sensationalist~




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