• New Moon In Virgo: Transforming Dreams into Reality, September 9

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    Virgo season, and it feels so good to get organized, get realistic, get practical, and get aligned. Its been a long year of transformation, growth and change for many of us, this summer especially hosted three eclipses and a slew of retrograde planets that may have made some of us feel stuck on the one hand, and like time was racing on the other, barely able to catch our breath or manage all the changes that the eclipse brought into our lives. But now, I’m glad to say, we are approaching the harvest and its time to collect the fruit of our labor and organize it in ways that will create more prosperity and abundance.

    Virgo rules health, healing, the physical body, the earth, our daily work, and the routines and rituals we create in our everyday. It is the sign of the High Priestess and Medicine Woman who is the aspect of the divine feminine in eternally service. Her energy is deeply rooted in the earth and she understands the process of creation from seed to harvest as it happens in the cycles of nature and in the cycles of her physical body.

    She has perfected her craft with her meticulous eye for detail and laser precision, and has mastered balance and harmony by tirelessly organizing and purifying her environment. Her constant refinement has anchored her vision into the earth making its fruition law, and in the process making herself a most capable healer.

    This is the divine energy of perfection as seen in nature. Virgo is that feminine aspect within us that asks us to constantly purge, purify and refine our environment and our inner Masterpiece, it is a sign of transformation, and she is not shy of creating order in the seeming chaos of shifting seasons.

    With the Sun, Moon and Mercury all in Virgo we are being called to purge and detox our inner and outer environment, to re establish healthy routines around eating, self care, and daily work by setting realistic boundaries and becoming aware of our limits.

    The Sun, Moon, and Mercury are all opposing Neptune in Pisces on this New Moon, Neptune the dreamer, the psychic, the creative and inspiring flow of spirit is met with the practical, earthy, and resourceful energy of Virgo through the Sun, Moon and Mercury, there is great potential here for adapting and creating systems, structures and foundations that will help grow and sustain our Neptunian dreams and visions. This aspect also helps us become aware of where in our lives we are grasping to addiction, and how we can realistically release those old habits so we may become more efficient.

    To help us along our road to perfection, we also have the support of an earthy trine between Mercury (at home) in Virgo, Saturn (at home) in Capricorn, and Uranus in Taurus, from an more exoteric perspective these are the archetype of the communicator, the social climber and the mad scientist, and they are all collaborating in perfect harmony to help us transform dreams into reality.

    Jupiter is in trine to Neptune, and Pluto is in trine to the Sun giving us extra doses of power, expansion, vitality and creativity to help us along the way. Venus, the planet of love, money and beauty is opposed Uranus in Taurus, Uranus brings flashes of genius and unexpected news, and when in Taurus this news can be around money and possessions, perhaps a windfall or other opportunity.

    This opposition can also bring in unexpected news around relationship and romance, and with Venus’s recent move into Scorpio we will begin to crave deep, intense emotional experience, and notice an increased sex drive, with this new found desire to explore relationship beyond the superficial we may call in new, exciting and passionate romance.


    Things to ponder at the New Moon 

    -> How can I serve the earth, in practical ways, ie: picking up litter, supporting an organization like green peace…

    -> Which detox or cleanse should I do this lunar cycle to clear and clean out my body of toxins

    -> What steps can I take to create a strategic plan for financial growth and prosperity

    -> What are the realistic aspects of my dream and what do I need to eliminate in order to focus my resources efficiently

    -> What does my body need and how can I heal it with the support of mother nature

    -> Where have I drifted or coasted in my daily work and routine and how can I get back on track


    This New Moon is all earth and water, there are no planets in fire or air right now, a pretty rare astrological occurrence. It sounds to me like the divine feminine is asking for our attention, telling us that it’s time to get grounded and centered, get back into our bodies, and back into flow with the rhythms of life. It’s time to look to mother earth and nature for support with our health, healing and wellbeing, to ask how we can be of service. And to focus our energy on loving, nurturing and nourishing ourselves and our environment so that we can sustain our physical and emotional bodies, and our planet.



    With Love and Light,

    ~A Sensationalist~





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