• Full Moon In Taurus, The Deep Quiet, October 24th

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    Wow, a beautiful Full Moon has graced the sky and sprinkled it’s magic upon us, Taurus sure knows how to slow life down and refocus our energy onto experiencing the pleasures and splendor of life. I am deeply quiet, and humbled by the fixed energy of this Full Moon, and in true Taurus style I’ve really taken my time, and almost talked myself out of, writing this post! Because, mostly I’ve just wanted to be still, and quiet, and slow, so I can enjoy the simple pleasures that bring joy and wonder back into the mundane routines of life. Grace and beauty really are a matter of perspective, and this Full Moon I have drunk of the cup of wonder and fallen into a lazy slumber.

    Taurus is the big beautiful bull that lays out on the celestial grass enjoying the sunlight. Unphased by the rushing planets and falling stars, it likes to feel the breeze, smell the roses, feast on the universal bounty, and gaze in wonderment at the splendor of nature, and life. The bull loves to surround itself with luxury and earthly possessions, and it loves to do things slow and steady so it can create a sense of stability in its home, life and surroundings.

    With Taurus, being ruled by Venus, the goddess of love, beauty, money, relationships, and custodian of the arts, it makes perfect sense that the bull loves to relax in the sunlight, in the Garden of Delight, to enjoy life, to marvel at creation, to surround it’s self with all it’s favorite possessions and create more beauty from the inspiration of nature.

    Right now though, Venus is retrograde in Scorpio, in the deep underworld of Pluto, digging through our shadows, our memories, our values, and our deepest truths. She’s ruffling through the depth of our subconscious in an effort to heal our sexual trauma, our power imbalances, our feminine identity, our relationship with money, our relationship with ourselves and the value we give ourselves, and she’s doing it so we can create space for a new way of being, which are lighter, heart centered, and free of the past.

    The Sun has gone into Scorpio too, on October 23rd, a day before the Full Moon, which brings us officially into Scorpio season, and there is a very strong Scorpionic theme right now with Venus (conjunct the Sun at the full moon), Sun, Mercury and Jupiter all in the sign of transformation and rebirth, soul work, the unconscious and our shared resources. Here we are, quiet as a bull basking in the sun, and deep as the ocean doing our unconscious clearing and releasing.

    Venus is prominent at this moon as she rules Taurus, is conjuncting the Sun, opposite the Moon, and in retrograde, with her personal power she is drawing our attention inwards to reflect and re evaluate.


    The themes that are coming up are

    Slowing down, taking a breath, being patient and content, remembering to enjoy the sensual pleasures of life, love and romance.

    We are being asked to open our hearts and look at what we truly value, how much we value ourselves, how we nurture and take care of ourselves.

    We are becoming immersed in a process of purging the values that no longer serve around money and relationships, including the one we have with ourselves.

    We are being asked to let go of old ways of being in relationship to make room for new relationships that resonate with where we are, not where we used to be.

    We are subconsciously clearing the way for financial expansion and opening to new ways of doing business, working with banks, borrowing and taking loans, and managing other shared resources.


    Other noteworthy transits

    Uranus is conjunct the Moon in Taurus at this Full Moon, so there could be unexpected shocks and surprises around money, perhaps some financial luck, or unexpected good news. There could also be unexpected emotional breakthroughs, which of course means to be mindful of emotional eruptions and explosive encounters too.

    Saturn will be in trine to the moon, and sextiling the sun, so any new relationships, financial opportunities, new ideas or directions that open up, will be supported by the planet of form, discipline, long term goals, and lessons. This means that solutions will come easily, that we’ll get serious about meeting goals, and create step by step plans that will fall into sync with ease and grace.

    Seven of our heavenly bodies are forming a grand cross in the fixed signs at the Full Moon, this means there will be a sense of determination and perseverance toward meeting our goals, but we have to be mindful of becoming stubborn or getting attached to one idea and not wanting to move away from it or be flexible.

    Most of the planets will be in water and earth signs, a feminine time of receiving, being, feeling, attracting, healing, and gathering or creating a sense of community. The divine feminine is healing within all of us with this Venus in Scorpio transit, but the things that are asking to be healed need to first be acknowledged and defined so that we can move beyond into new definitions and ways of being.



    This Full Moon is a wonderful time to get out into nature, to slow down and take the time to enjoy the beauty and pleasures in life.

    It’s a time to connect to the things we value in ourselves, in our relationships, and in our financial life.

    It’s a time to purge and release old ideas, patterns, hurts, and limiting beliefs that have held us captive to the past, so that we can invent a brighter future.

    Buy yourself some flowers, have some deep and meaningfuls with your best girlfriends, stop, allow yourself to just be, and enjoy the stillness.

    Notice that a lot can still get done at a steady pace.

    Notice, that perhaps the things you valued before no longer seem to matter.

    Then, discover the things that do.



    With Love & Light,

    ~A Sensationalist~


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