• Libra New Moon, Getting Authentic in Relationships, October 8th-9th.


    Here we are again, on the precipice of yet another powerful New Moon. And as I write this sentence I realize that I’ve probably called every moon cycle, and every transit, and every retrograde, and just about every aspect this year, powerful. But they have been, at least for me, and definitely for the people that surround me. It’s been a year of transformation, and transformation can be intense, and uncomfortable, because it requires letting go. And as humans we (most of us) cling to the familiar and fear the unknown, even if the familiar is destructive, and even if the unknown is safe and expansive. Truth is we don’t know how to gracefully release into the flow, and that’s mostly because we haven’t been taught how to.

    Perhaps it started with the fairytales that warned of danger lurking in dark forest, or of little old ladies eating innocent children, or perhaps it was a past life experience or a belief passed down from our struggling ancestors. Either way we learnt it, and probably for good reason, but when we adapt this clinging to familiarity and fear of the unknown to all areas of life, life gets out of balance, our fears start ruling us, and we start making decisions based on destructive tendencies rather then the true desires of our hearts and souls.

    Speaking of balance, here we are, October 8th with a New Moon in Libra, the sign who’s symbol is a scale representing balance, harmony, relationship, connection, sharing, and seeing other perspectives. Here we are with yet another opportunity to reset and start anew in these areas of our life. And we are new, because we’ve completed yet another cycle of growth to get to this day.

    Libra is ruled by Venus, the planet of love and money, and she’s in retrograde right now in the sign of Scorpio, the most intense sign of the zodiac. Scorpio represents our soul and our soul level desires, it also represents power, truth, sexuality, the occult and shared resources. It is not afraid to go deep to uncover our ultimate truth and our deepest desires, nor is it afraid to break through any illusions that stand between us and our growth. And, it most certainly is not afraid of transformation, in fact, it seeks it.

    So here we are, at this Libra New Moon exploring our desire for deep connection, our desire to have authentic relationships, our desire to share ourselves and our resources in balanced and truthful ways. Our hearts are looking to be satisfied, and to find that satisfaction in relationships that nurture and nourish our souls. What’s coming up for you?

    Libra New Moon Themes

    –> At this new moon some of us might feel called to evaluate certain relationships that feel out of balance, and honestly ask ourselves if these relationships are worth fighting for

    –> We may feel the need to honestly look at our finances, especially shared finances with partners, lovers, banks and institutions and decide if these are truly working, and if not, consider new perspective and new ways of balancing these finances in fair and equal ways

    –> We may feel called to be radically honest with ourselves about whether we are sharing enough of ourselves in relationships, or if there’s a fear, belief, or trauma standing between us and the opportunity to create a deeper bond with our partners

    –> We may feel the need to evaluate how we love, feel, and balance our needs in relationships

    –> We may feel the need to heal and deepen relationships 

    –> We might feel inspired to start new collaborations or create new connections. To find a new tribe or soul family to deepen our sense of belonging with

    –> We may come to the realization that we cant live our lives trying to please everybody, that in fact the person we should be trying to please is ourselves, so we can then be authentic in our connection with others.

    –> We may decide its time to be honest with ourselves about what and/or who we truly love

    Things to be mindful of

    –> Venus is squaring mars at the moment, which can create sexual tension

    –> Moon is trining Mars which can inspire a desire to create new forward thinking groups and collectives

    –> The Moon is Squaring Pluto, which can bring our awareness to an obsessive behavior pattern that we have in a particular relationship, someone we feel a magnetic pull toward. This new moon is giving us an opportunity to find a healthy balance, and purge compulsive and obsessive relationship patterns.

    –> Venus is trining Neptune, and the Sun is forming a quincunx to Neptune, these aspects inspire romance, sensitivity, creativity and compassion. It can be a great time to work on a creative project that is divinely inspired.

    As the moon becomes renewed once again, and as she returns to her golden haired lover, the sun, to share stories of her travels around the earth, we too return home, to ourselves, with stories of our travels. We return home with new ideas and new inspirations for how to experience and navigate our next journey out beyond the earthly shadow. 

    This new moon adventure around the earth will focus our attention on creating authentic relationships that are balanced, fair and truly fulfilling. On our journey we will be guided to observe how we share and with whom, how we love and why. Our personal power and sexuality will be brought into focus and we will be asked to observe our power dynamics and bring them back into authentic harmony with the true desires of our soul and the path it wants to travel along in this lifetime. I wish you many blessings on your journey.


    With Love & Light,

    ~A Sensationalist~



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