• Gemini Full Moon, Gauging Our Mental Broadcast, November 22-23

    Rosarium Philosophorum by Jaroš Griemiller z Tøebska, Prague, 1578.


    Hello to all you sensational people out there,

    Today, I must say, feels like a good day to be alive. The times we are living in, actually, feel like a good time to be alive, today. What feels good about it is the opportunity we have to be in witness to ourselves and our human family as we all shape shift, grow, evolve, and constantly move and meander, like the wind, through the natural cycles of change that life blows our way.

    Gemini is an air sign with a mutable energy, and the Full Moon in Gemini, November 22nd-23rd, is one that will bring our attention to the movement of our minds, thoughts, and words. It will guide us to focus on what we broadcast, what we think and communicate to others, and the realities that the thoughts and words we create, generate around us.

    As all Full Moons go, it is a time of release, and at this particular Full Moon we are shown, by the fullness of her illumination, those hidden mental activities that seemingly go unnoticed. The very ones we need to release to the winds of change. The mental processes I am speak of are the ones that no longer serve, those thoughts, words, and beliefs that create the environments we’d rather not be in. They are the ones we must let go of.

    So we may grow.

    And though they may operate in the background, rattling on unnoticed, be very assured, they are contributing to the shape our reality takes.

    Do you listen to your thoughts? Are you aware of the constant chatter of your mind, of negativity, of small mindedness, or of self effacing beliefs that run through the mind, constantly? Are you aware that these thought may, in actuality, be deterring you from following your heart’s desires, joy, and intuition?

    Now is the time to sit honestly with yourself, to listen, to observe, and then to let go.

    As the Moon fills up this month, 8 planets are in mutable signs. Mutable energy is flexible, spontaneous, creative, and adaptable, but it is also reactive and unsettling. And with the Full Moon in Gemini opposing Jupiter in Sagittarius, and Mercury in Retrograde, we are learning a new level of letting go. Mercury is concerned with the left brain functions of mental activity, the minutia of life, where as Jupiter focuses on the big picture, on connecting ideas and creating life philosophies. This, for some of us, requires a release of control. Jupiter in Sagittarius is not at all phased by the finer details, it prefers the adventure of the unknown and spontaneous journey, with twists and turns.

    Blessed be the gods and goddesses for these necessary lessons because for people like me, with a lot of fixed energy, there is a tendency to get stuck in routine, and get fixated on how things should look. But this Gemini Full Moon, Mercury Retrograde, and all the mutable energy’s at play in the sky this week are reminding us to release into flow, to meander, shift and change, and to find comfort in the unknown.

    It’s time to give up needing to know how the road should look and what time we should arrive at our destination. Its time to free ourselves of the need to plan every detail of life’s journey to perfection. So that we may discover something new, so that we may expand our minds beyond the expected.

    The universe has something else in store.

    I personally experienced this as I traveled the long journey from New York City to Melbourne, Australia this week. In true Mercury Retrograde style flights were delayed, missed, and changed, bags missed flights and arrived late. But, the experience wasn’t the point of the lesson, the point was how I chose to perceive the experience.

    Had I judge the experience in a negative light, I’d have had ample reasons to hated the journey. But, as Jupiter’s expansive forward thinking energy should have it, I wasn’t phased by the details of the delayed flight that caused a missed transfer that caused the bags to get delayed. But I could have been, I could have stressed, and anxious, and mad at the universe… or the poor flight attendants. But that wouldn’t have changed the reality of the experience, just my experience of this reality.

    Can we allow ourselves to experience the unpredictability of life with grace and ease?

    With the sun also entering Sagittarius around the time of the Full Moon, conjunct Jupiter and Mercury, the answer is a resounding yes.

    It can be as simple as letting go, as changing the way we broadcast our thoughts, beliefs and words on to our environment. Choosing instead new ways to think and speak about our experiences that are larger and much more expansive as the moment that may have triggered us.


    Gemini Full Moon Mantras:

    I let go of limiting beliefs

    I let go of negative thought patterns

    I let go words that keep me small

    I let go of beliefs that hold me back from the life I want to create


    It’s good to be alive today because, we exist in a time where we have the capacity to be extremely self aware and self informed. We can, if we master self awareness, mould and shape ourselves in real time. We can, if we choose to be present, witness ourselves having an experience, and, in that same moment invoke the mental capacity to understand how to change it.

    We are enlightened beings, it’s just a matter of remembering, of waking up to or potential and capacity for self mastery. And then practicing.


    With Love & Light,

    ~A Sensationalist~


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