• Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Leo, Shine your light.

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    Eclipses are the Universe’s way of helping us expedite our growth

    The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse is taking place in Leo at 12.16am, January 21st (EST). It is a Supermoon, meaning that in its elliptical orbit the moon will be it’s fullest along the point in it’s orbit closest to the earth, making it appear bigger then usual. In esoteric terms this means we will feel our emotions more intensely, and can potentially receive more information from our cosmic messengers and expanded selves then at other full moons; due of it’s proximity to the earth and a thinning of the veil between the spirit world and our own.

    At every full moon we have the opportunity to release emotions, thoughts, behaviors, and patterns that have reached their completion cycle, and we generally do this releasing through the conscious mind. This means that in our process of letting go we often revisit old experiences and emotional patterns that have run their course but need to exit our unconscious space, energetic field, and physical body through our awareness. Whether in this process we bid these old aspects of self farewell, experience epiphanies, choose to learn and grow from their final lessons, or whether we recycle these feelings, aspects, or experiences back in with our old stories is really up to us and where we are on our path of evolutionary growth.

    An eclipse is a cross roads, it’s a time when we are shown a new path, a bigger and brighter possibility of our future; one beyond what we may have even imagined for ourselves. It’s a window into a higher awareness of ourselves, but with this awareness comes the awareness of our ‘shadows’, those parts of us we haven’t been willing or ready to face, like those personality traits that we might consider flaws. Or those aspects of us that we inherited from our parents and ancestor which when we’re not paying attention have a way of sneaking up and take over our personalities (you know, those times you realize you sound like your mother and you cringe at the thought of becoming her, just saying).

    This process of becoming aware of our potential, and therefore aware of whats standing in the way of us achieving it can cause frustration, angst, sadness, regret, discontent… and a range of other emotions. But, seeing ourselves more fully is a necessary step in leaving the past behind to create an authentic, and liberated future.


    What potential can the Leo moon awaken in us?

    With the full moon lunar eclipse taking place in Leo, what we feel, we need, we want, is to shine our light, to express ourselves through our creativity, and to experience life like a child at play. Leo represents our generosity, loyalty, nobility and desire to lead. It is the spark of divinity that burns within our hearts, and it is our hearts true desire to connect to others, to love, be loved, and to be appreciated for our uniqueness. With the sun on the opposite side of the sky in Aquarius this desire to create, love and be loved, is extended in service to our human family, inspiring us to support our friends and community to shine their light too, so that we may all evolve and grow together.

    What may also come up at this Leo full moon is the social conditioning, negative behavioral patterns, self doubt, or limiting beliefs that have stood in the way of us achieving our full potential to be the light, to shine the light and to show others how to shine as well. These aspects and old patterns, again, come into our awareness so that we can let them go and more fully embrace those higher qualities that exist within us. 

    With every new beginning there is an ending and as we begin this new eclipse cycle, that takes us through the next six months, we will be closing out the last cycle of eclipses on the Leo / Aquarius axis, which began February 2018. If we look back to that time we can gauge the lessons we embarked on, and see the opportunities that came into our reality to support our path of evolutionary growth. With every completion comes the opportunity to reap the benefits of our hard work and taste the fruits of our labor. This eclipse is a time to celebrate our achievements, honor our individual process, and recognize the unique gifts we have shared with the world through our self expression and our commitment to create and express our hearts desires.

    The north and south nodes of the moon shifted into the Cancer / Capricorn axes late last year, which shifted our collective attention from the need to share our creative selves and our unique self expression with the world to a need to nurture our inner child, our emotions, and our new found mode of self expressions so we may cultivate and grow our dreams in a safe and secure way. Cancer will continue to teach us to create a sense of security in ourselves, in our family and home, while Capricorn will teach us to extend it to the world by bringing our awareness to the need to create stability in our financial and  governmental institutions, and structural security in our work life and vocations.

    With our 2018 collective evolutionary task of refining our inner lion’s unique creative expression, big hearted dreams, and leadership qualities now complete, we can fully stepped into the journey of learning how to nurture ourselves and these dreams so they may continue to grow in a safe, stable, and secure way.


    Other important aspects that will influence us at this eclipse 

    The Moon will trine Chiron the wounded healer –  creating an opportunity to release old wounds with greater ease and grace.

    Uranus will Square the Sun and Moon, which will inspire an electrified and revolutionary energy within the collective. And because of its influence over the eclipse we may experience spontaneous breakthroughs, flashes of genius, unexpected revelations, or rapid shifts and changes in our paradigms. We’ll also feel more willing to create outside the box, looking for solutions in unexpected and fringe places. Uranus accelerates our spiritual awakening by shifting our consciousness to a new understanding of reality, and because of its liberating nature it can break us out of our conditioning so we can create a truer, more visionary and liberated future.

    Venus and Jupiter trine Mars in Aries & Moon in Leo January 21st- this is a grand trine in the fire signs which generates an energy within us that is pioneering, creative, and expansive. It will inspire us to initiate and taking action steps towards our creative endeavors. Mars trining Venus will create a sexy, sensual and passionate energy, with the potential for sparks flying in relationships.

    Venus conjunction to Jupiter goes exact on January 22nd – this is said to be the most romantic day of the year. This conjunction is a wonderfully fortunate and beneficial aspect that will bring luck and abundance in love, relationships, and finances. And because it will take place in Sagittarius it will have an air of expandedness, optimism, joy, and idealism attached to it.

    Mars square Saturn 21st – a day which may see friction and frustration because Mars is action and Saturn is restraint. However, if we can access the highest potential of this aspect we can turn our will and drive into focus and determination and take advantage of a career opportunity or initiate a project we’ve been wanting to start by approaching it with lazar vision and discipline.

    Capricorn Energy – though the sun will be to Aquarius for the eclipse, Mercury, Pluto, Saturn and the South Node will be in Capricorn sparing off with the Aquarian, and Uranian rebellious and revolutionary energies. Some part of us will be wanting to tear down hierarchical structures, bureaucracy, the proverbial ladder and glass ceiling so we can fully achieve our goals in innovative and outside the box ways. The question the arises in this inner conflict is; who do we give our power to, which authority figures and way?

    Jupiter square Neptune influence – this is a mystical and other worldly experience. The expansiveness of Jupiter and spiritual depth of Neptune will take us to realms beyond form, time, and space when envisioning our future. With Neptune there is always an element of unconditional love and desire to create from that place of love in ways that benefit the whole of creation. This influence will last most of 2019 making us more open to new teachers and teaching, to creating for the greater good, to championing the underdog, to exploring truth, and to approaching life with a feeling of openness and possibility.


    Riding the storm?

    Our evolution is a very personal experience. Though the cosmic currents affect us, stirring our soul by bringing our awareness to parts of us that may still be wounded and require our love and attention, or by bringing our attention old cycles that are ready to be released so we may grow, our free will dictates how much we choose to embrace the change that’s coming, how fast we want to row our boat, or how slow we want to take the journey. There is no wrong answer, there is just experience.

    At this eclipse we have the opportunity to harness the energy of that revolutionary archetype that is within all of us and put up our sails of unique self expression to let the winds of change take us to the next destination. We have the opportunity to honestly look at where we are so we can gather our gifts, talents, and hearts desires and like architects, design the next phase of our evolution. When we are aware of the cosmic currents that will accompany us on our journey we can maximize our success by learning to use these elements to propel us into a purposeful future, eventually learning to rise above them to a place of self mastery.



    With Love & Light,

    Dorothea Lucaci


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