• Aquarius New Moon, Future Driven, February 4th



    Happy Aquarius New Moon to all. And this truly is an auspicious new moon to celebrate! This February 4th Lunar cycle represents the closing out of a season of eclipses on the Aquarius and Leo axes that taught us to reach into our hearts to find our true expression and share it with the world in a way that honors and uplifts us, and the human family.

    Aquarius represents our higher mind and the forward thinking revolutionary in us who observes, innovates, and reforms in original ways that are completely outside the box but always rooted in the betterment of society.

    This moon’s energy is objective and takes a very broad future orientated perspective, so during this time we may experience a shift in our direction, because as Aquarius goes it’s not unlikely that a surge of fresh ideas and new insight will come down on us like lightning to change the course of our future plans and visions.

    New Moons, of course, are a time to plant seeds for the next cycle of growth, and this moon is gracing our skies hand in hand with the Sun and Mercury, making our minds laser focused on our future visions and gifting us with the ability to communicate thoughts and ideas with ease and influence. Aquarian energy is one of community and inclusiveness, which makes this moon a perfect time to share our intensions, plans, and visions with a community of like minded people, seeking support in a collective momentum to bring dreams to fruition. 

    The New Moon is also having a friendly chat with Jupiter across the sky in Sagittarius bringing a sense of optimism and expansiveness to life. The alignment between the Aquarian and Sagittarian energies magnifies our momentum, especially if we are moving in a direction that has, at its core, a desire to create inclusiveness.

    Both these signs care deeply about causes, community, supporting the underdog, and creating a fair and equal society, and because of the friendly conversation going on between them we may also start to feel a growing a sense of being at home anywhere in the world, or amongst people completely different to us, making it a great time to create bridges and alliances where they may not have seemed possible before.

    At the time of the new moon we also have a beautiful sextile between Neptune in Pisces and Saturn in Capricorn, making this a wonderful time to allow ourselves to dream big, the bigger, bolder and more outside the box the dreams the better, as Saturn will help bring our Piscean dreams into physical form with ease and material support. To help with this we also have a sky full of forward moving planets, it is rare for all our heavenly bodies to be going direct at the same time, but when they are it creates an unstoppable force of forward momentum and achievement.

    Venus, still trining Uranus, may bring surprises around money and romance our way. She moved into Capricorn today shifting our attention to an appreciation of refinement order, and slow and steady growth in our spending patterns and relationships, and an eye for classic and minimal beauty in our personal presentation and appearance. She is also squaring Chiron, the wounded healer, at this new moon and could potentially be bringing up old discomforts as she guides us to let go of steadfast traditions and belief systems around money, love, and societal responsibility.


    On a final note,

    This Aquarian full moon is not about the how, or doing what we consider logical, rational and safe, it’s about embracing our inner trailblazer and moving to the beat of your own drum, even if it feels completely outside our normal. The more authentic we can be with ourselves and our direction forward the more we will be in alignment with the energies of the new moon, and therefore benefit from it’s support.

    Don’t be afraid to dream big, to think big, to see into distant horizons, or to feel expansive, because if you can dream it and believe it, it already is. All you need is faith the size of a mustard seed and you can achieve great miracles (I heard it once said).

    That energy is with us now, the faith, excitement and optimism of Jupiter, the objective, intuitive, genius of Aquarius and the forward momentum of all the heavenly bodies are on our side, offering us the gift of tapping into their potential, digging deep into ourselves for courage and determination to move forward into a future that truly represents where we are right now in our personal evolution.


    New Moon Ritual

    –> Sit with your dreams tonight, the most outrageous ones, let them take shape without judgement

    –> Let yourself consider the future and the world you’d like to create for you, your family, the human family, all sentient beings, and the planet

    –> Right down what this would look like

    –> Set intentions that will create it

    –> Notice the thoughts that say you cant have it

    –> Write them down on a separate piece of paper, thank them, and tell them you no longer have a need for them.

    –> Tear that paper up, and burn it

    –> Bring your focus back to your intentions and feel what it would feel like to have them, in your heart and in your body

    –> Thank them for already coming to fruition

    –> Tear that paper up, trusting. Send the pieces out as an offering to the universe in what ever way feels guided


    With Love & Light,

    Dorothea Lucaci




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