• Virgo Full Moon, Remembering to Serve, February 19th


    This Virgo Full Moon initiates us into an aspect of ourselves that lives to be in service, that exists to constantly work on perfecting the masterpiece that is; being human, that desires to perfect life for the earth family, and that wants to excel in the school of learning we call life on earth. 

    This Virgo Full Moon is the fourth of 5 full moons taking place at the 0 degrees of a sign, this degree is one of initiation and new beginnings and has been part of a greater five month cycle of renewing and refocusing our direction toward goals that are in alignment with, and authentic to, our soul purpose.

    Virgo represents the High Priestess and Medicine Woman who is the aspect of the divine feminine in eternally service. Being an earth sign, her energy is deeply rooted in mother nature and the resources the earth provides. Virgo innately understands the process of creation from seed to harvest as it happens in the cycles of nature, and also in the cycles of her physical body.

    She constantly works to perfected her craft with her meticulous eye and laser precision. She has learned to mastered balance and harmony by tirelessly organizing and purifying her environment, and her constant refinement has anchored her vision into the physical, tangible realm making its fruition law, while in the process making herself a most capable healer.

    However, she is never called to just heal herself, she is called to be in service to others, and as she lines up with the sun in Pisces, the sign of unconditional love, altruism, self sacrifice, and mystical union, we in our Virgo aspect, are asked to look beyond ourselves to the greater human family and say, ‘What can I do to be in service to the world? How can I support in the healing of my family, my community, and my planet?” The answers that come will be practical, concise, organized and actionable.


    Other Heavenly Aspects

    February 18, the day before the Virgo full moon Chiron, the wounded healer, enters Aries, the sign of the “I Am”. Aries is the sign that says I exist, you must acknowledge me and my experience. It is a masculine sign that is passionate, willful and pioneering. Wherever Chiron travels it travels it teaches us to return to wholeness by raising our consciousness, healing our wounds, and by learning to work with and understand the power of alternative healing medicines.

    Chiron will be in Aries until 2027, guiding us to heal our masculine energy, balance our need to be unique and individual, and develop our passion and drive in a sustainable way. At the Full Moon it is making a very friendly inconjunct aspect with the moon telling us that it is time to initiate the healing of our inner fire collectively so that our Arian energy doesn’t burn us out, but instead creates a whole, mystical, creative experience and expression of our inner warrior, that is in service to others.

    With the moon being in the earthy sign of Virgo we can us our feminine, practical nature to organize, and perfect our masculine, while purging the aspects of the masculine that are of a lower nature, bringing us back to balance and service.

    The Virgo moon will also be in friendly aspect to Uranus, the rebel and mad cap scientist, and Mars, the passionate warrior, in the earth sign of Taurus. and the fire sign of Aries respectively, highlighting that need to balance our inner masculine drive with the slow, nourishing, feminine energy of the earth.

    Capricorn well also play a big role at this full moon, with Venus and Saturn both having an uncomfortable dialogue with the moon from this part of the sky. Capricorn represents our societal structures and hierarchies, or desire to achieve and create a status for ourselves, and also the positions of power we take on, and give to others. The Virgo moon says, have we come from a place of service in the way we rise to power, in the structures of governance we have created, in the culture of our workplaces?

    Are our relationships and our communities healing, nurturing, practical, and organized in a way that benefits the whole and contributes to the perfecting of the human condition, and the human family? How can we change that to get back in line with our soul purpose? How can we re-build relationships that are based in service and love?

    Neptune and Mercury will be conjunct at the full moon, helping us to answer those questions from a place of inspiration, love, imagination and mental acuity.


    Final thoughts…

    Virgo asks us to constantly purge, purify and refine our inner masterpiece, while supporting others in this same process.

    She is the divine energy of perfection, teaching us to constantly look to nature for resources and for the education we need to understand how to create organization and harmony in our lives. 

    The full moon is closure and completion. An in Virgo it is very much about closing out projects, releasing disfunction and unorganized thoughts, closing out patterns that limit our potential to heal and become whole.

    It’s time to get in touch with our truth, to understand that we are a piece of the puzzle, a part of the whole. And the puzzle cannot be complete if each of it’s pieces are not functioning to their optimal potential. Thats exactly why we must be in service, to help our brothers and sisters along the way.

    It’s time to remember to give and be generous for the benefit of all, for the benefit of ourselves, and for the benefit of mother earth.


    With Love & Light

    Dorothea Lucaci


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