• Libra Full Moon & Spring Equinox. Harmony and Balance in Relationships

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    Hello and happy Spring Equinox (or Fall depending on the hemisphere) to all. Today marks the entry of the sun into Aries, an astrological new year and the beginning of the cycle of seasons from the birth of nature in the springtime, through to it’s death in the winter months.

    It is a time of new beginnings, of sprouting, expanding, exploring, and experiencing life and the self through the instinct to exist and the desire to claim our place on this planet.

    Today is also a day of perfect balance between light and dark, day and night, making it extra synchronistic that we get to celebrate this perfect balance with a beautiful super full moon in Libra, the sign of balance, harmony, and beauty. The Sufi’s say that when we experience beauty, we create harmony, and harmony brings us into the vibration of love. Ultimately, the experience of harmony and beauty is the experience of love. Where can you create more balance and harmony in your life, to make room for more love, and more beauty in the world?

    Libra represents partnerships and is on the opposite side of the zodiac to Aries which represents the self, forming the axis of self and other. At this full moon our attention may be drawn to relationships, asking us to look at who we are and who we want to be in in relation to others, what kind of relationships we want to be in or create, and whether the ones we in are balanced and harmonious?

    With Venus being in Aquarius at the time of the full moon squaring Mars in Taurus (the planets of love, relationship and sex) there can be a conflict between the Aquarian need independence, freedom and space to express ourselves in partnership, and the Taurean need for stability, consistency and security. The sun in Aires ( the sign of the independent pioneer) will also be conjunct to Chiron, the wounded healer, which brings another element of complexity to the relationship mix, asking us to consider what we truly want.

    However, the awareness and reflection that this new moon brings will create a opening to the opportunity to heal aspects of our relationships that are out of balance, or to heal those aspect within ourselves that are at odds with each other, which reflect out into our partnerships and environment.

    Ultimately, we can use this Libra full moon energy to create balance between tending to our individual needs and desires, and creating healthy relationships that honor both partners needs.


    Other Lunar Aspects

    Mercury is still retrograde in Pisces, a beautiful dreamy and mystical time of getting lost in creative pursuits, romance, inspiration and beauty. This energy, especially on a retrograde can also create confusion and illusion, as well as miscommunication, so though asserting our individual needs in relationship is important, it’s best to wait for more clarity after Mercury goes direct March 28 before making the bigger decisions.

    We can use this time instead to connect deeper into our spiritual practice, make or experience and art and music, or complete creative projects. Neptune will be in friendly aspect to Mercury at this moon giving us an extra does of inspiration and imagination to play and create with.

    There will also be a powerful trine between Mars in the earthy sign of Taurus to Pluto and Saturn in the fellow earthy sign of Capricorn. Meaning that we have a window of time in which we can access more personal power, ambition, determination and practical support to bring our dreams, imaginings, and creative pursuits into fruition. Mars will also be in a healing aspect to Jupiter the planet of expansion, luck and abundance, so this moon will give us a broad and long range outlook for our visions.


    Final thoughts..

    As we bring in a new season of growth and change, the full moon helps us bring prior cycles to a culmination, offering us a time to celebrate the fruits of our labor and release old cycles to make room for the new. This moon will reach its fullness at 0 degrees of Libra, and will be the last of 5 full moons at the 0 degrees point of initiation and new beginnings, giving us a final push forward into a new cycle.


    The question is what new cycles do we want to begin?

    Where in our lives can we cultivate more balance and harmony?

    Can we create space and freedom within a secure relationship?

    Can we see the beauty in life, create it or feel into it so that it draws in more love and harmony?


    The answer is yes to all those things, if we choose to see it, and embark on the journey to create it.



    With Love & Light






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