• Pisces New Moon, Feeling into the Dream, March 6th


    What a beautiful Pisces New Moon we have March 6th, right in the middle of Pisces season, at 15 degree of the the sign, the last of 5 consecutive new moons at the 15th degree. The center, which holds the perfect balance in the heart of the archetype. The number 6 (which 1+5 equals) is significant at this moon because it is also the number of Venus who rules the heart, love, beauty, harmony, and balance, and she’ll definitely be contributing to the heightening of these energies at the new moon, infusing it with her charm.

    Pisces being a fellow romantic, is dreamy, idealistic, and deeply creative and with the Sun and Moon conjunct Neptune (ruler of Pisces), and Mercury (in retrograde) all in this mystical sign, that dreamy, romantic, and creative energy will be amplified all month. Making this lunation cycle a time to make time and space for ourselves to connect to spirit, go deeper into the mysteries, and explore the boundlessness of our imagination so we may transcend to a place of inspiration, love and creativity that is beyond our usual grasp.

    Neptune, the ruler of Pisces is the higher octave of Venus, and like Venus it represents love, harmony and beauty, but while Venus represents earthly love, which is often transactional,  Neptune represent a mystical union and a universal love like that of the Christ who was the symbol of the Piscean Age and was himself symbolized by the fish that swims in the mysterious ocean of spirit.

    It was from this very ocean of love and inspiration that he taught, with deep wisdom that we are all one, all children of god, all capable of the same miracles that he’s love accomplished, if only we could believe, with the faith of a mustard seed. This message is also imbued in the energy of the new moon, and is a call to wake up and unite with each other, to share from the heart, to act from kindness, and to begin to love with a kind of love that is beyond conditions, giving it freely and in humble service of each other.

    Piscean mutable water is highly transformative, it takes us beyond our conscious knowledge into the oceanic depth of spirit and intuition, and it is from this place that we have the greatest power to manifest. However, this power becomes potent when we create with the intention to benefit others and uplift the whole human family, rather then just our own experience.


    Other planetary alignments

    Mercury starts it’s retrograde journey March 5th, the day before the new moon, at the 29th degree of Pisces, ie; the last degree of the last sign of the zodiac. That’s big. The message in this retrograde is that we are at the end of larger cycle and we need to slow down, reflect, and revisit the past so we may bring the wisdom of the things we have experienced and learned into a new future, not from a place of force and logic, but rather a place of intuition, love and knowing.

    With the retrograde being in Pisces, our attention is drawn back to our emotional state and wanting to create from a place that feels true to us. It’s also a time in which we may feel called to realign with that deep desire to serve and connect with others through a universal love, from a place of service and oneness.

    This time is ideal for revisiting artistic and creative projects that have been neglected so we can get back to feeling like ourselves again, because when we’re doing the things we love we feel alive, and when we feel alive we raise our vibe and begin to create with love, compassion and oneness in mind.

    Saturn will be in a friendly aspect to the Sun, Moon and Neptune at the new moon, meaning that if we allow ourselves to dream our dreams, to connect to spirit and draw inspiration from this Piscean ocean, creating from our hearts and imaginations, we will have the practical earthly support and guidance to manifest our creations, from a place of inspired epiphanies and synchronicity rather then mental strategy.

    At the new moon we also have a big shift of Uranus into Taurus, this heavy weight planet will make itself at home in Taurus for the next seven years, and will have a huge influence on our collective consciousness by shifting our value and understanding of love, beauty, money and sustainability over the coming years into a higher more evolved state.

    Uranus  is the genius, the scientist, the rebel and the revolutionary, it breaks down barriers where ever it goes to make room for enlightenment and evolution. Taurus, a fixed sign that loves tradition, represents our values and possessions, the sense world, nature, the earth, our bodies, our understanding of beauty and fashion, and our relationship to money. Big changes are on the horizon in the way we value these things and the systems we use to create value for ourselves, our earth, our financial structure and each other.

    Jupiter will be in square to the Pisces Sun, bringing our vision back to truth, and the interconnectedness of all life on earth, it will help us create clarity by breaking free from idealistic and delusional thinking.


    Things to be mindful of

    This time is not ideal for powering through our ‘to do’ lists and operating from a place of striving and ambition. People that are doer’s may struggle with the thought of surrendering into the mysteries of life and letting their dreams and inspiration guide them, without a plan. But if we keep trying to do do do at the same pace as we are used to functioning at, especially with the Mercury retrograde, we may be in for some emotional discomfort.

    It may also be a difficult energy for those who have trouble setting healthy boundaries, because Pisces knows no boundaries… be mindful of going into fantasy and imagination as an guise for escapism.

    Though it is alluring to explore our creative and spiritual side, we can become overwhelmed by trying to balance it with our earthly responsibilities, especially given the fast paced, ‘time is money’, transactional world we have created for ourselves. Remember to take a breath, and be gentle and patient with yourself and others this month, especially given that communication may be a little haywire.

    The Uranus shift into Taurus should not be overlooked, this shift will have a subtle effect on our emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual bodies, and may manifest as stress, anxiety, or restlessness. Uranus rules our nervous system, so make a conscious effort to slow down so you don’t burn out is important to keep in mind. Allow yourself to integrate and process, acting as a witness, rather then a participant in the subtle changes.


    A final thought

    As I meditated this morning I went into the Akashic Records, it usually begins as a visual journey with me as a little girl dressed in a pretty white dress with a white bow in her hair. I see her from the back in the corridor of a beautiful victorian home, through the windows to the right I can see the garden and a door that opens to luscious and abundant vegetation on a sunny spring day.

    On the right are doors to other rooms and I generally walk over to the library, the Akashic Records, where a towering being, one of the keepers of the records, cloaked in a dark robe greets me.

    Today this little girl, in this beautiful home, with a beautiful garden, with a staff and helpers, and all her needs provided, came in worried about managing her toys and time.

    The Lord of the Akashic Record laughed lovingly and with amusement at this little girl taking life so seriously and being so consumed by her problem that she forgot to go outside and play, and enjoy the sunshine and the garden. Her birth right, and her privilege.

    All she needed was to ask, and the help would have been there, instead she was worried and frazzled about mundane tasks that to a being that holds the records of all of time, seemed so trivial and unnecessary.

    She asked the Lord of the Akashic Records for the book that holds the secrets of the universe, which of course, her little girl mind could not possibly grasp, but her big beautiful heart earnestly wanted to know and understand.

    The Lord, amused again, gave her the beginners guide, but told her that to understand she must put aside the worry, and let the helpers in the home take care of her needs so she may have the clarity of mind and heart to focus and absorb the secret knowledge.

    I heard the message loud and clear.

    Life is but a blink in the eye of Brahma.

    Now is the time to surrender to flow and let spirit, creativity and love guide the way, trusting that all is already taken care of.



    With Love & Light,

    Dorothea Lucaci





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