• Aries New Moon, Potent New Beginings, April 5th


    Here we are midway into Aries, slowly but surely renewing our vitality and inner fire as the days grow longer and warmer, and nature begin to show signs of life with buds, leaves, and grass protruding through the barren land that laid resting for the winter months. After a sluggish Mercury retrograde in Pisces, the dreamy sign of the artist, which seemed to last an eternity, we are finally building momentum with renewed passion, enthusiasm and will to thrive.

    This time of retrograde focused our minds on what inspires us, on spiritual musings, on expanding our imagination and escaping into worlds of fantasy and love to pull a new vision of the future from out beyond the clouds into our human experience.

    At the last degree of the zodiac (29 degrees of Pisces) Mercury – the mind – took a pause to work on our consciousness from a deep unconscious place within our psyche, purging, revising and shift us toward a direction that is aligned with our values and desire to raise the human family, and ourselves, to new heights of love and service. This was a confusing time because our mental capacity for action was swimming in the foggy waters of Pisces, without a map, without solid ground, and without a view of the coming landscape.

    However, since the Sun entered into the fiery sign of Aries mid March we have slowly begun to gather some of those Piscean thoughts, creations and epiphanies, and instinctively piece them together to create a forward motion driven by the desire to act and experience our individual natures with renewed understanding.

    To celebrate this entry into Spring we have a potent New Moon in Aries at the 15th degree of the sign, right in the center of the action, right at the heart of the Aries energy, ready to begin anew. We are ready to sprout from beneath the soil and grow, ready to experience the excitement and enthusiasm of achieving, and ready to do it fast. We can now summon our inner warrior, with clarity, and go out into the world of experience with courage, strength and single minded focus.

    This new lunar cycle is about expressing our truth, and from that truth create a life that is in alignment with our grander vision of the future. What do you want to create this Spring? What are you ready to take action on?


    Other planetary energies to be mindful of…

    –> Mars (the Ruler of Aries) is now in Gemini, so you’ll be eager to communicate and share your ideas. There’ll be more opportunity for outreach through publishing, media, writing, and sharing your story on social media.

    –> Mars will be squaring Saturn – that inner impulse to jump into action will have a voice of reason behind it asking you to think about all the potential outcomes before you act.

    –> Saturn will be squaring the Sun – there may be an authority figure you have to convince to jump onboard a project, or a need to fill out paperwork to move forward. Saturn wants you to be through and make strategic decisions.

    –> Venus is conjunct Neptune in Pisces, in friendly aspect to the Cancer North Node and Saturn – creativity, beauty and love of nature, relationships

    –> The Cancer North Node which represents our emotional security, and need for safety and nurturing personally and from society will be opposed by Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn, and in friendly aspect to Venus, Pluto and Jupiter. Saturn and Pluto may bring attention to figures of power and authority, or hierarchal structures like bureaucracy that we may need to address or be aware of, to bring into balance as we go forth and begin anew.

    –> The Friendly aspects suggest that within our grand plans of new beginnings rests the desire to build relationships, create beauty, love, and harmony within our personal experience and for the world. Neptune is about being in service to the human family, while Jupiter wants to create new moral codes and ethics that serve the whole. Consider these when setting intentions


    Final thoughts…

    This is a potent fiery moon of new beginnings, Aries is our inner warrior, and it is ready for action, ready to step forth into a new era with excitement, courage and passion. But inherent in this new moon is the importance of taking responsibility for our actions and accountability for the things we create. We are a network of living consciousness, all of us, connected to each other, to the plant and mineral kingdoms, to the animal kingdom and the land and elements. Every action, every moment of self expression effects the entire network. When we create from a place of love and service, when we put our unique self expression out into the world with the mindful intention to enrich and inspire the whole, we are that much more potent, because we are giving, and when we give we receive tenfold.

    Blessings to you all on this fiery new moon.


    With Love & Light

    Dorothea Lucaci




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