• Libra Full Moon, Balance in Partnerships, April 19th.

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    Here we are at the second Libra Full Moon of this Aries season. We had the first on March 20th at 0 degrees to open the month of Aries and we now have one on the last day of the season, April 19th, at the 29th degree to close out the lessons and cycle. This rare occurrence is called a blue moon, and it’s taking place in Libra the sign of partnership, in the season of Aries, the sign of the individual.

    There’s powerful symbology here. The self identifies it boundaries and it’s personality by being in relationship to other. It needs relationship to compare and contrast, yet it needs freedom to be it’s self fully. In Aries we experience ourselves, in Libra we learn to balance the self with other, we learn how to be in partnership, and how to create balance, harmony, equality, and justice through relationship.

    The Moon is our feeling state, it is our child like desire to do what feels true and to feel safe, nourished, nurtured and protected while doing it. When in Libra the moon draws our attention to our desire to create safe, nurturing and nourishing experiences in our intimate partnerships, and to restore fairness, balance and equality where ever it is lacking.

    A Full Moon has the potential to be an emotionally charged time because it can bring experiences to a culmination, especially this one because its taking place at the last degree of the sing of Aries, which represent an initiation or completion of a process or pattern. If we have been functioning from the shadow side of Libra; over compromising, adapting too much to the needs of others, delaying in expressing our needs, or burying our feelings to avoid uncomfortable conversations in our partnerships, this full moon could bring things to a head.

    On a subconscious level we are feeling the urge to restore balance, to create harmony, to feel like we are heard, and being treated fairly in our partnerships. Our evolutionary process always guide us toward experiences of growth, which can sometimes take the form of uncomfortable conversations about our needs and desires, but this isn’t all bad, because Libra is diplomacy at it’s finest.

    If we speak our truth about what we need and want, there is room for a fresh start and healthy compromises within existing relationships. A full moon doesn’t necessarily mean a drastic ending, it can also be a celebration of something accomplished. We can accomplish healthier patterns within our current relationships at this time.

    Here we are at the end of Aries season, the sign of the individual, of independence and self expression. Here we are, faced with the evolutionary lesson of honoring ourselves in relationship, while also honoring the other, and the relationship.

    –> Where have you felt like you’ve over compromised for the sake of harmony?

    –> Where have you felt like you’ve put other’s dreams before yours?

    –> Where have you been so independent and willful that you’ve made the other feel like their needs don’t matter?

    –> Do you know to create a balance between following your unique and individual journey, while honoring the journey of your partner and the integrity of your relationship?

    These are complex questions that are more like a constant dance of discovery rather then a black and white resolution. But by exploring them, expressing them, and acknowledging them we give ourselves yet another opportunity to grow, to let go, and to lighten our load.


    Other aspects to note…

    –> Uranus will be conjunct the Sun and oppose the Full Moon, meaning that sudden and unexpected changes may take place at this time. We may get flashes of insight and moments of enlightenment in which we see the truth of our situation so we may break through to a new reality that affords us more freedom to follow our truth. If we have been compromising our own individual needs in partnerships, we may face a moment of truth

    –> Venus in Pisces is quincunx the Moon, a very romantic and dreamy aspect. Venus in Pisces is creative, imaginative, poetic, artistic, it is inspired by the beauty of nature. There will be a desire for tenderness and sweetness in our intimate relationships.

    –> Mars is in Gemini ready to articulate and communicate our needs and desires

    –> Mercury is now in Aries conjunct Chiron, there is a lot of potential for healing our masculine energy and the driving force within us that craves independence and forward motion. We can, at this time, create opportunity for integration between the Aries fiery energy of independence and our feminine need for community and connection through partnership.

    Final note…

    What are you looking for in your partnerships? What are the qualities you can’t compromise on, what do you require in a partnership to feel safe, nurtured and nourished? What negative patterns do find yourself reliving or attracting? Are you ready to let those go?

    Make a list today of the qualities you cherish in yourself and in the other from relationships.

    Make a list of the qualities and patterns you are ready to let go of. Commit to changing them.


    So much love


    With Love & Light,





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