• Scorpion Full Moon, In the Deep


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    Scorpio takes us deep beneath the surface of our conscious knowing into the dark and secret waters of our unconscious mind. Here we find a storehouse of memories, patterns, beliefs and programing that we have carried, embodied, and enacted over lifetimes.

    These unconscious patterns, beliefs and programs are of an individual and a collective nature, they are handed down through our ancestral lineages, learned through social customs and norms, and perpetuated through our cycles of death and rebirth. They play in the background of our conscious knowing, constructing and directing our present reality, and for this reason they are important to get to know. This is because it is when we awaken to our unconscious patterns that we can begin to develop mastery over ourselves.

    Scorpio, being the detective of the zodiac, is fearless in the face of truth and unfazed by the process of combing through our histories to pull out the negative cycles that slow our evolutionary process down. And, because this full moon will take place in Scorpio, we may feel a lot more comfortable then usual in the shadows of our unconscious mind in the coming weeks.

    We may also feel our feelings more intensely, Scorpio is not afraid of uncovering the parts of us we consider ‘ugly’ or ‘unacceptable’, the parts that we suppress because we don’t know how to manage them adequately or comfortably.

    But, as we innately dig through the beliefs and patterns that we are ready to let go of at this full moon we will have the opportunity to feel a deep sense of relief. It’s time to farewell the thoughts, feeling, emotions and patterns holding us back from following our true path, so we can live a life of joy and fulfillment! Its time to clear out the fears and doubts that hold our dreams hostage.

    Though full moons are a time of culmination, they are also a time of celebration, so while we are digging away in the mirky unknown waters of our subconscious, we may also discover some treasures we forgot we were hiding from the world…

    –> What qualities, gifts and talents are you holding hostage for fear of rejection, or success?

    Think deeply on this one.

    –> What parts of you are you hiding from the world because it’s safer to be like everyone else then be the unique individual that you are?

    –> What emotions are you afraid to feel because they are uncomfortable?

    Emotions are important indicators of where we are in our process, they alert us of where we are off track. And though being ruled by them is unhealthy, being aware of and acknowledging them helps us create a balanced and harmonious life.

    –> Notice the feelings that come up at this full moon, and what they are trying to tell you. Are they symptoms of suppressed desires, or a result of frustration and discontent?

    You are worthy of the life you want. You deserve the magic that you were created to experience.

    Now is the time to let go of the conditioning, negative beliefs, and inherited patterns and programs that stand in the way of living our best life. After all, we only have one life to live. Why not do it fully by standing in our power, following our dreams and wishes, and manifesting the desires of our soul.


    Other noteworthy transits

    –> The Sun, Mercury, Venus and Uranus are all in Taurus at this full moon, directly across the Moon in Scorpio, meaning that this lunar cycle can help us calibrate our personal values with the values we share with our partners, and with financial institutions. Bringing financial resources to our attention, and into alignment with our values.

    –> Saturn and Pluto will be in Capricorn trining mercury and the Sun, which could result in new ideas of how to create long term financial success that empower us.

    –> Chiron in Aries will be trining the Moon which could open up potential for healing our inner entrepreneur, our drive for success, and our masculine nature. Especially that aspect of our masculine that relates to power and sexuality.


    Take the time to explore your inner world of thoughts, feelings, beliefs and conditioning at this new moon. Notice what’s yours, what’s ancestral, what’s societal…. then acknowledge and release the negative patterns and programs that hold you back from living your truth. Go beyond those uncomfortable feelings to find the treasures you hide from yourself and the world. Bring them into the light. Allow them to take form.

    With Venus and Uranus in such close proximity in the sign of Taurus, we are called to break free of financial situations, living arrangements, relationships and lifestyles that don’t bring us abundance and pleasure.


    With Love and Light,

    A Sensationalist


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