• Taurus New Moon – The Joy of Simplicity

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    I love Taurus season, it’s such a beautiful time of year in the Northern Hemisphere because over here it is the second month of Spring. Aries has already done the hard work of re-awaking nature, through sheer will it has forced it’s way out from the underworld to experience life anew. And because of its desire to exist and experience itself it has raised the sprouts out from under the soil and started the work of coaxing nature back to the surface of the earth from her winter slumber, and back to her full splendor so she may be experienced. 

    By the time we arrive at Taurus the buds are in bloom, the trees have filled their branches and the aroma of flowers and fresh vegetation intoxicate the senses. The vibrant colors that now cover the landscape re-awaken the feeling of joy in our hearts, while the sounds of the animal kingdom returning to make a home for the summer remind us of what the true value of life really is, living in the present and relishing every moment we experience.

    Once Aries has performed the hard work of guiding nature through her rebirth, Taurus slows down to sit with gratitude at the alter of her creation, in the garden of earthly delight. Taurus loves to bask in the pleasures and beauty of our physical paradise, this sign is fully present and immersed in the sensual experience that is existence. To touch, to taste, to smell, to hear and to see the lusciousness and abundance of life brings joy, inspiration, and warmth to that Taurean nature within all of us.

    And this New Moon is reminding us to do exactly what Taurus does best, seek and create simplicity so we may experience beauty. It’s time to slow down so we may enjoy ourselves and the wonder of creation. By simplifying life and our commitments, by taking the time to reassess our values, and by doing the things we value, we begin to create stability in ourselves and in our environments. When we remember to be in the present, we return to quiet, and from this quiet we start to hear the voice of inspiration.

    This Taurus New Moon is also reminding us to persevere and to exercise patience, and as nature does at this time of year, we too can being to make time to watch our creations grow, while nurturing and nourishing them as they come into their own maturation.

    –> What do you truly value in your life?

    –> What do you value in yourself?

    –> Where can you simplify your life so you can make room to slow down and enjoy the beauty that is the created world?

    –> How can you awaken your sensual pleasures so you may experience a deeper sense of joy and gratitude for life?

    –>  How can you embody the abundance that you see in nature right now, and enjoy your body temple?


    Other things to note…

    Taurus is ruled by Venus, the goddess of love, beauty and romance, and at this New Moon love will abound as we begin to radiate and reflect the magic in nature. With Uranus also in Taurus there is potential for love and romance to show up unexpectedly.

    The New Moon is making a friendly aspect to Neptune in Pisces which further inspires love, romance, dreams, fantasy, and the desire to go into a state of transcendence. Taurus and Pisces are both very creative sings, so we use this New Moon to reach into those mystical Piscean waters to pull out the dreams, inspirations and creativity of our intuitive nature and plant into the Taurean earth so they may grow with grace, beauty and ease in our physical reality.

    This connection between the Moon and Neptune also awakens us to the spirit of mother earth, her sensuous, abundant, creative and generous nature. Take some time to tune into the spirit of the earth mother, and try to get out into nature to deepen this connection over the New Moon weekend. 

    Saturn and Pluto will be in friendly aspect to the New Noon as well, meaning that the new intentions we set will be supported by these two very powerful planets. Saturn will help us set long range goals and clearly see the path to reaching the top of our proverbial mountain, while Pluto will bring us power, authority and insight into our own process of transformation. Together these planets will show us how to transform our selves and our environment in practical and realistic way that support us in achieving our intentions.

    Finally, Venus and Taurus also rule money, so we may find our thoughts drawn to thinking about new ways to resolve debt, create financial flow and increase our income. With the current Uranus transit through Taurus, these inspired new ideas will be innovative and outside the box, because Uranus teaches us to quantum leap into an enlightened future and the ways in which we can progress rapidly in our soul desire for our earthly journey.


    When setting intentions….

    –> Incorporate the earth element into your ritual: soil, plants, flowers

    –> Sit quietly with the idea of increasing your financial flow and listen to the thoughts and inspirations that follow

    –> Adorn yourself, and your home with things that inspire beauty, Taurus rules our earthly values and possessions

    –> Get out into nature, and if thats not possible buy yourself a plant or some flowers to honor your New Moon Intentions

    –> Immerse yourself in mother natures beauty and abundance, allowing your connection to deepen as her inspiring sensual experience guides you

    –> Write out what values you are are looking for in an ideal partner and add this to your intention list

    –> Intend to create and attract romance in your life, and then take the inspired action to make experiences happen

    –> Spend time with your creative side, sing, draw, make pottery, craft, write poetry, allow your inner muse to come to life


    This Taurus New Moon reminds us of the magnificence and wonder of mother nature, and how to savor and enjoy our earthly home. It reminds us to seek simplicity and find joy and pleasure in every moment through a deep connection to the earth and the physical experience of life. Go out an savor every experience, awaken all your senses and feel the external world enter into your internal environment… notice what that feels, tastes, smells, looks, and sounds like? Can it be more beautiful, joyful, inspiring, vibrant, harmonious? Seek and create that.

    Seek simplicity, create space to slow down and enjoy every moment of this Taurus season. Joy and gratitude exist in the present and we can embody them by allowing our senses to experience life fully.


    With Love & Light,

    Dorothea Lucaci



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