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theSenstionalists is the expression of a conscious effort to celebrate the stirring of a human soul awaking. It is a celebration of the ruffling of spiritual curiosity, and the journey of discovering a path through the peaks and valleys of life; we embrace the pains of becoming and explore the joys of finding.

At theSensationalists  we feel blessed for the good fortune we have of quenching our thirst for knowledge on the wisdom of the spiritually found; those whom gladly share their wealth of knowing with ever soothing words of encouragement. We are grateful that in this day and age we can come to know and understand ancient systems of energy, magic, healing, and enlightenment and we feel that it is a privileged to share, compare, contrast, and blend new philosophies and movements with the tried and true.

Here, we endeavor to give voice to communities, groups, and individuals who have good ideas, who are forging new paths, disseminating wisdom, and who serve as guides, healers, and practitioners. Here we explore all things spiritual, esoteric, natural, healing, nourishing, and nurturing.

We know that the world outside often seems dire, that life has inherent ups and downs, that injustice and ignorance prevail, and that there exists a culture of fear and division in the greater society. But still our hopes are high because we know that there also exists an abundance of good people doing good things for their communities and the Earth. And so we urge ourselves and each other to support their efforts; local businesses, ethical companies, all things sustainable, and all those social pioneers creating better ways of being.

theSensationalists are here, in this space, to nourish and nurture ourselves and each other with the good news that too often goes unseen, unheard, and unappreciated. Like children, we hope to open our eyes in every moment to the miracle of life, and hope to learn and share what we know so we may help ourselves and each other grow into happy, healthy, whole, purposeful, and prosperous human beings.

Life to us is the ultimate mystery, the grandest of blessings, and because in this existence we often learn through struggle: and struggle so we may grow, we feel it's important to know we are not alone. And so, in the spirit of love and kindness we share of ourselves, and hope that what we share reaches those in search of that piece to their puzzle.

With Love and Light,

theSensationalists tribe


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